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  • Lovely Survivors and Brutal Killers
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    Male Dead by Daylight x Male! Reader Oneshots Request are open!

  • garroth's book of secrets // garrance fanfiction
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    THIS BOOK IS SO BAD DONT READ IT I WROTE IT SUCH A LONG TIME AGO ( THE ORIGINAL BOOK ) This is a book that shall never be found. Everyone's secrets are in here. Secrets that can't be known. I know I'm a bad person for writing this, but I don't care. They deserve this. All of it. -Garroth Ro'meave

    Completed   Mature
  • ✰《Boiling Point》✰ <gaurence>
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    In this world, everyone, on their tenth birthday, is gifted a power. Connected to some part of this natural realm. Earth; calming, kind, humble. Sky; free spirited, open. Sun; warm, kind, hopeful, passionate. Stone and metal; tough, strong, confident. Storm; overpowering, disruptive, wild. Ice; cold, collected. And...

  • ✑ aphmau oneshots
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  • ✰The New Guy✰ <gaurence>
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    'Now, I could tell you how he was tall, at least 6 feet,' 'Or how he had sandy blond hair,' 'Or that he had the bluest eyes.' 'Instead, I'll tell you how he shifted his weight onto one side,' 'How his hair curled slightly at the ends, falling into his face, showing he hadn't brushed it.' 'And how his smile almost hid...

  • Because of you I'm...-A Gaurance Fanfic
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    [{Warning: Contains sexual content, swearing, mature content. Boy x Boy. So if you don't like any thing like that, DO NOT READ.}] (Get through the first few crappy chapters to get to the good ones I swear it's worth it.) Black. White. Green. Blue. Black. White. Green. Blue. I barely remember my childhood. All I rememb...