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  • 🎼🌙Fly Me To The Moon🌙🎼 (FMTTM Book 1)
    21.3K 820 20

    (TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of Sexual Assault and mild gore) (NOTE: Please do NOT comment about your traumas in details in the comments. I already pit trigger warnings on my books,please do not have me sitting and deleting comments day im and day out. I don't want anyone triggered, please.) Alastor's been obsessed with...

    Completed   Mature
  • My little fawn [DISCONTINUED]
    43.2K 1.2K 85

    Alastor's daughter is something out of this world. We see the hardships she had faced and the challenges she's going though. But is she what everyone had thought she was? An angel? Or a demon?

  • Our adventure
    36.2K 804 49

    The sequel to in the middle of the dark I found my light, so you should go and read that before you read this, everything will make a lot more sense! ANY ART I SHOW ISNT MINE

    Completed   Mature
  • Made For Each other (Chalastor Story)
    27.5K 512 15

    Charlie magne, the owner of the happy hotel. And the Daughter of lucifer. Starts to have feeling for the famous radio demon. There Are lots of dangerous people and things that Are happening to the lovely pair.

  • Sinister Dance (Alastor x Charlie)
    22.1K 519 25

    She tried her hardest to make her dream come true. She just wanted to prove that all demons could be redeemed! No matter what anyone said! Well...that dream was soon crushed after a certain demon ruined the reputation of the Happy Hotel... How was she supposed to reach her dreams now? She began to think she should jus...