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  • The Snake Charmer
    119 18 5

    Stranded in a strange land far from home, a lone girl struggles to survive. She finds sanctuary among the streets rats of Balbadd and learns to live in the shadows of society. Fueled by the need to take revenge on those that killed her father she crosses paths with another orphan gripped with wrath. Together the two f...

  • The Star Gazer
    562 37 5

    All the second prince of Kou wanted to do was to feed his birds and continue his magical research. That changes drastically when he is put in charge of a hostage princess from the Kouga Clan of the Central Plains. Gone are the peaceful days filled with silence and reading, instead they're filled with noise from a str...

  • The Dungeon Lily
    438 33 4

    The tale of a scarred prince and a sheltered flower. A chance encounter, a stolen treasure, and an impossible love. A Lily grows in the dark, hidden away from the world. As her home is destroyed she gains the opportunity to travel the world with new friends. A certain scarred prince catches her special attention and...

  • The Peace Offering
    100K 3.4K 32

    Sindria and Kou have come to an agreement. Sindria will give a the Kou Empire a bride for the eldest son as a peace offering. The bride is no other than Sinbad's little sister, Sindri. Sindri is not willing at all and is quite bitter she is a sacrifice for peace. The day comes and Kouen and Sindri are married. The two...

  • The Moon Dancer
    42.4K 1.5K 32

    A traveling circus arrives in the Kou Empire, and they are invited to perform at the palace in honor of the Crown Princess's birthday. During the performance, a blindfolded dancer catches the eye of a certain red-eyed Magi. He demands ownership of the Dancer, determined to make her his new plaything. The Dancer dream...