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  • Breath [DROPPED]
    114K 2.8K 14

    A novel about the older half-brother of Tiin from Love By Chance, Tul Mesanat. Couple: Tul x Hin Synopsis: "If you feel hurt, please take the pain down on me. I was born to this world for you only." No matter how much you hurt me, I will love only you. "Tul", the boss who's like a breath to "Hin". "Cry out! I order yo...

  • Triage [English translation] by Sammon_scene
    201K 11K 35

    Synopsis from the original story: "Cannot save a patient's life." As a resident in the emergency room, one should be indifferent (get used to) when encounter a bad situation like this. But he got the chance to reverse it for the second, third, and countless times. To help a save his life. ...

  • En Of Love [snippets]
    1.7M 27.9K 53

    Snippets of the novels: Love Mechanics, Tossara and This Is Love Story. Only Love Mechanics is complete, while the other two are on hiatus. Sorry about that >.<

  • My imaginary boyfriend
    18.6K 983 14

    "If you leave it without saying goodbye,
it will come back to deprive the life out of you."
At first, Phai though that Klong was only his imaginary friend who stepped up to be an imaginary boyfriend. But seems like Klong doesn't want to be only imagination, he wants to be more even he has to do something terrible... ...

  • 当我们再重逢(授权中文翻译)
    18.5K 81 30