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  • The Possession
    172 5 2

    My first book, so please no harsh comments. If the response is good I ll post new chapters. Thank you :) She was screaming with pain, the agony in her voice shook the walls of my room. "We have to take her to the asylum" my mum came in, with tears in her eyes. I could not say anything, my own deed had sealed my word...

  • Haikus and Poems
    490 30 12

    A little book of My random ( not so good in my opinion) haikus and poems. ENJOY READING THEM:)!

  • I will always give in...
    122 12 1

    For a good friend.

  • The Suicide Story
    59.6K 1.2K 29

    'The Suicide Story' is a collection of poems, short stories, letters, advice, and so on to raise awareness and vent about the struggles of living with/around mental illness. This is a collaborative project where users can submit with a dedication, or anonymously. The project is always open to new supporters who wish...

  • Reapers -- Thirteen Brothers (Watty Awards Paranormal Story of 2012)
    7.6M 167K 59

    I know I'm supposed to be dead. But for some reason, I'm not. I am Aramis Rayne. Occupation: Personal Assistant. Sounds boring, right? But the job description is a lot more complicated than that. And it all started on the day I died. (Reapers Chronicles Book I)

  • Unbeating (Revamped*)
    18.7K 419 35

    *I've done extensive editing, so for now this is the final edit! Enjoy. What do you do when a group of your brother's vampire friends kidnap you? For Melody Collins this group of eccentric vampires are her only protection from the world of confusion and secrets that threaten her life. However, when jealousy and bad t...

  • The Guardian Chronicles Book One: Finding Grace
    2.7M 31.9K 82

    {WATTY'S 2012 finalist} Evan Whitman is a emergency trauma physician with a special gift. She has the ability to feel the energy of her patients and it allows her to be a better healer. This gift is also a curse, as with it comes the knowledge of emotions and thoughts from those she is closest to, which has turned her...

  • The Perfect Murder
    15.8K 446 4

    In a world full of darkness, death and murder. An assassin known only as "Light" must find a way to survive. Hero or Villain? You decide.

  • The Silence
    125K 1.5K 5

    Poems -Music videos from YouTube is composed by Adrian von Ziegler- Cover photo was found on an iPhone app.