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  • 私たちは月夜に会った - We met on a moonlit night
    1K 113 18

    Trust no one, deceive everyone. In a world where mana influences everything including how one lives and who they interact with, and upon the chance meeting, Runa and Ryuu begin their journey into the unknown, fully unaware of what is to come on their adventure. What will they discover through the endless hardships tha...

  • Louder Than Words
    360 33 11

    Michiyo, an energetic hopeless romantic begins a tricky romance with Isao - the school's hottest and most antisocial student. He doesn't speak much, rumored to have a dark past. Though his lack of words can make things frustrating for Michiyo, she soon discovers that her silent boyfriend expresses not only himself thr...

  • Strawberry Milk [COMPLETED]
    2.8K 304 30

    [#1 in Trueheart 2/22/19] After enrolling in a Japanese prep-school for rich teenagers, a sloppy and tomboyish girl glows-up to fight back against snobby bullies and survive the academy...All while falling for the princely stranger that handed her a rare carton of gourmet strawberry milk one fateful day.

  • How To Kiss a Unicorn[COMPLETE]
    1.2K 150 16

    Gemma Starblink lives in a peaceful dimension where magical creatures live harmoniously with humans. One night after Gemma meets a unicorn in her dreams, she wakes up to see the whole city swarming about the news of one being spotted. Unicorns are rare, and if you kiss one, you get a wish. But the trick is to catch hi...

  • Poppy and Lotus [COMPLETE]
    495 52 26

    ❀Lonely yet fun-loving Ayame decides to create a flower appreciation club in her high school, but very few of her schoolmates seem interested in joining. With the possibility of her club not being approved by the school, Ayame becomes desperate to gain members, even going after popular students like snobby heartthrob...

  • Pink Diamond
    681 84 13

    For 2 amazing years, Eun-Mi has been apart of the popular Kpop group "Diamond" as a boy named Jeong-eun...But when she reveals onstage that she's really a girl -- things take a dramatic turn! With her contract still intact, however, Eun-Mi decides to go back into the Kpop world as herself! But what's she to do when h...

  • Bride of the Undead
    392 35 11

    19 year old waitress Fallon gets into a deadly car accident on her way to a job interview for position as maid in an exquisite gothic mansion. On the verge of death, she is saved by a handsome man with glowing red eyes. Oddly enough, she wakes up a guest in the beautiful abode and the only "scar" on her body a strange...

  • Me & Red
    4.7K 466 45

    Maybe the story of Red Riding Hood has more to it than what meets the eye. *Currently adding pictures!*

  • Wrong Train
    1.2K 116 16

    Emiko was a normal teen living in Tokyo, Japan. Keyword ー was. To her surprise, Emiko quickly finds herself spiraling into a world she doesn't know... All because she took the wrong train.

  • Momoko in Tokyo
    5.4K 491 56

    After her only guardian passes away, a childish 20 year old woman named Momoko moves to Tokyo city to start learning how to live independently. Although finding a stable job and home proves to be difficult in her new environment, Momoko becomes a popular woman in the city because of her bright and entertaining person...

  • Serendipity Suitor
    6K 402 27

    [#1 in Reverse Harem! 2/22/19] [#1 in Peasant! 6/5/19] [#1 in Imperialism 10/12/19] A sheltered and naive young princess is given a single year to find her true love...but how hard is it going to be to find Mr.Perfect in a land full of eccentric and wonderfully unique princes? Romantic adventure and unexpected love aw...

  • BUBBLEGUM! The Space Idol
    132 21 6

    In the year 2030, the entertainment industry and its popular celebrities have taken over the universe -- and Zoey Bubblegum is just another energetic 18 year old infatuated with the concept of fame and fortune. In order to make her dream of being a famous singer come true, Zoey moves to Melody City in space and enters...

  • Glamour in Grey
    206 23 5

    Cece is a girl who always has to wear clothing out of the ordinary and stand out among the crowd, front and center. But her life gets turned upside down when some unknown force drains the color out of the entire world! It's up to Cece to reclaim the stolen colors and return them to planet earth. And who knows; maybe s...

  • The Sakura Prince
    872 88 20

    Mashiro Sakura is taking a shortcut on her way to school one day when she spots a prince sleeping under a pile of cherry blossoms. When he awakens, the cherry blossoms start to bloom 3 days earlier than normal...and they'll last the entire year the prince has to make Mashiro fall in love with him. Mashiro is to become...

  • Kiss Me, Kitsune
    687 14 15

    "A marriage between a youkai and a human is not all that rare, although it does prove risky for the life of the human. However, there is a chance at immortality for the human being if the two of you should marry and its approved by an ancient youkai spirit." Follow energetic Suzue on a romantic and mystical journey, l...

  • The Heartstone Pack
    3.4K 136 31

    When Willow becomes unexpectedly tied to the beautiful, yet uptight alpha Dakota by a mating bond, her entire life takes a turn. Dakota has been given the task of moving with a portion of the pack to find and settle into a new home....and to repopulate....with Willow. Willow, her new mate, and a select few will underg...

  • Cupid Falling Too Hard
    226K 9.4K 47

    Addison Price is Kingston High's very own Cupid. She doesn't shoot arrows, she has her own special ways of making people fall in love. She's well-known and liked such that she captures the devilishly handsome, rich and popular...Chris Kingston. She may be Cupid, but it doesn't mean she can't fall too hard. ©AKAElleDuh...

  • Fate Written in Ink
    306 34 7

    Paige, a young writer, finds herself tangled in the ties of fate when she falls into her own storybook.

  • High School Fox Clan
    1.6K 201 26

    The Fujiwara family have the highest rank in popularity at Chiyomi's high school, well known for their incredible talents and exotic looks. But they're not as normal as they seem -- each and every member of the family are kitsune guardians from an alternate universe, here to protect their princess Chiyomi. But what ex...

  • Momo❤︎Tomo [COMPLETED]
    2K 149 33

    [2/23/19 #1 In Steady! ] ❤︎It all started with a confession of love.. After loving him from afar for 7 years, Momoka finally finds the courage to tell her crush Tomomi that she likes him....She's even prepared herself for the rejection! But to Momoka's surprise, Tomomi confesses that he's been in love with her this...

  • Suddenly on a Leash (1)
    36.9K 1.9K 51

    Ayano was on her way to her best friend Haruka's house, when, before her very eyes, she is in a bus accident, falling deep into the water. In desperation, she calls for help, saying that she'll do anything. And who should answer her call but none other than Sora, a youkai man with fox ears and a tail. Though he's stra...

  • The Frostbitten Prince
    1.1K 81 9

    Haruka, a sweet, 15 year old girl, grew up in a kingdom where the springs are lush and vibrant, with a warm atmosphere and sweet scents. However, this particular year, the air has grown cold, and the cherry blossoms have withered. Why...?