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  • The Unexpected | LotR Fanfiction
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    "King Thranduil's voice rung out again, filling the area, 'And Legolas? Do not fail, she could be the tipping of the balance that Middle-earth needs.'" - Lumornel has always been a quiet girl, content with her nose stuck in a book or writing in her journal. She'd rather sit in a tree and read than leave the forests of...

  • The Art Portfolio of the Average Weirdo
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    A compilation of my artwork, which mostly consists of my fantasy drawings, fan art, and whatever I'm in the mood for. The only thing I can assure you is that I am unpredictable. . . . . . You have been warned. . . ...

  • Tags and... more?
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    Not just silly ol' tags, but book reviews and recommendations, announcements, and the occasional rant. Actually, this is mostly my random thoughts that have no where else to go. Oooooops.

  • Poemy Words
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    Story poetry ; or rather , poems that invoke stories to be told Poetry , not from the self , but taken from the heart of tales