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  • Married To Stripper [ Jikook FF ]
    190K 8.6K 82

    A stripper will always be a stripper - I am disgusting...... I am ugly...... I am only a stripper....... I will never be good enough for anyone - can you please help me? - no... never for a person like you - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ where jimin was a college student, do part time job as a stripper in a gay club ' MAGIC SHOP...

  • Mine | Jikook
    276K 9.7K 64

    Jeon Jungkook- talented tattoo artist. Park Jimin- small omega boy. Both were different but their hearts were like one. Two against the whole world. Please give this book a try! I made my own book cover so please respect that. •Cute boy Jimin •Tattoo artist Jungkook •Jungkook is older than Jimin sorry :((( •Me...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enchained - Jikook
    629K 31.8K 42

    Jimin is a 20-year-old boy who is living a perfect life until one day when he gets kidnapped and sold to a slave camp where his life is utterly miserable. Things get another hurtful turn when he is sold to a cold-hearted 22-year man who is heartbroken and doesn't trust lower class people and want them to suffer becau...

  • I Don't Like Him || Completed
    639K 30K 68

    Two wealthy men who got themselves into a force marriage by their strict parents. They hate each other so much and feeling disgusted whenever their skin touched. Jungkook well known as a playboy in the city while Jimin well known as a cold and mute man. How will they get into each other's heart?

    Completed   Mature
  • Unwanted Wife • Jikook Fanfic
    490K 25.9K 30

    "I call myself his babysitter rather than his wife" Date started: Apr. 08,2017 Date ended: ------

  • Forced To Love You - JIKOOK 국민
    381K 21.2K 62

    "You're so pure... so innocent. But I'm drowning in the dark. There's no going back for me already.. ." "You use your hands to save souls but I use mine to end them.. ." "Our love is impossible; it's like fire loving water, black loving white and the sun loving the moon.. ." Jimin whispered. Jimin is a surgeon living...

    313K 30.4K 84

    "I'm not gay and if I would have been, I wouldn't have chosen that weird gangsta punk teenager to be my husband" Jungkook mentioned. "Jungkook, you have to marry him or else they will kill my wife and daughter" Jungkook's brother stated. In which Jimin's father, a heartless gang leader wants a respectable in-laws for...

    Completed   Mature
  • ♣️Mafia's baby♣️(jikook) [C]
    1.3M 51.5K 83

    Jeon jungguk. A very powerful name. people fear to cross his path or even mention his name. people know clearly about his dangerous personality and how possessive he is . what's his stays his and no one can even think about taking it away from him. just like jimin. He's the Mafia's baby. Park Jimin. innocent , adora...

    Completed   Mature