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  • Summertime Guys [Student/Teacher]
    557K 10.8K 34

    There are two weeks left of summer and Maddi is determined to make it the best of her life. After all, it IS the summer before her senior year. She spends most of her time at the beach where she meets the new cutie in town, 22 year old Landon, who is lifeguarding. They click right away and next thing they know, they a...

  • Hating My Professor
    67.8K 1.7K 29

    Clio Mathews; she's sarcastic, confident and hates nothing more than her new psychology professor Mr Greyson. Getting over the fresh heartbreak of her cheating ex she just wants to be left alone in her room to watch netflix. Pierce Greyson; He's cold, stubborn and has just started his new job as a professor straight...

  • Recollection (pt 2 of bound)
    4.5K 122 8

    It's been several years since Helen escaped dean. She has moved from place to place to get away from him but he's so close to finding her, will Helen and Nina ever be free from him? Book two of Bound.

  • Smoke of Sighs
    1.3M 67.9K 64

    Honours psychology student Layla Mitchell has above-average grades and a slightly-below-average sex life. When she enrolls in a senior course taught by the young, dark and mysterious Dr. Kayden Hall, she finds herself uncharacteristically intrigued by his research into sexual deviance. As Layla's academic fascination...

  • River.
    316K 13.1K 200

    This story follows the journey of a girl by the name of Cassidy Monroe who falls in love with her mysterious yet charming professor, unaware that she'd be introduced to his dark and tragic past in a way that changes her life forever. Happiness, heartbreak, and tragedy are explored within the story of "River" and ultim...

  • 饾悅饾悗饾悕饾悞饾悇饾悙饾悢饾悇饾悕饾悅饾悇饾悞
    441K 16K 73

    A reckless girl had no idea that 饾拤饾拪饾挃 ethereal art would make her forget her constant anger and emptiness. A broken man had no idea that 饾拤饾拞饾挀 happiness would make him forget his sorrow. It was inevitable. It was forbidden. They kept it a secret. They didn't know they were a time bomb until the chaos exploded. Co...

  • Dirty...
    292K 1.7K 19

    Different mature stories. 18+

  • The Professor
    4.5M 128K 34

    COMPLETED// Clarence Wilson is a 19 year old girl, who has just graduated high school and is now onto college, which is basically the real world. She thinks she'll go through college without no twisty situations, but that all changes when she meets a guy, in a bar, who surprisingly turns out to be her English professo...

  • Let's Learn (18+)
    208K 3.2K 16

    [Unstable Minds #1] "Has my little girl been drinking?" He asks teasingly, his head tilting to the side as his eyes run over my now tear-stained face. I couldn't breathe properly, what was he going to do to me? Was he going to kill me? No- he wouldn't, would he? "Speak!" He yells in my face causing me to flinch back...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unassailable: The professor.
    914K 32K 42

    This is a StudentxTeacher novel!! Un路as路sail路a路ble Adjetive: unable to be attacked, questioned, or defeated. If I could categorize our relationship in one word, it'd be un路as路sail路a路ble. Of course due to the irony of the meaning itself. We were something dangerously unmoral, could we be questioned? Yes. Attacked? Of c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Florescence
    189K 5.1K 32

    "Fucking hell." He pulled away briefly and took the time to kiss the corner of her mouth and then the Cupid's bow of her upper lip. Her chest was heaving with anticipation, and she could feel her breasts pinned tightly against his chest. "What's wrong?" "Nothing. Just digging my grave deeper than I anticipated." ***...

  • An Illicit Liaison
    198K 3K 39

    "I don't think this would be appropriate, Sir." Roxanne trembles under his tight hold. "I know that." His quiet grave voice caught her squeezing her sex. His calloused hand was unsteadily moving down her body as if he wanted to feel all of her at once. "Sir..?" Nothing. Just his hand migrates down south of her shakin...

  • tale of a private lesson teacher (strictly 馃敒)
    87.8K 742 32

    A story of a lesson teacher who was hire to tutor a student, fell in love with her, had an affair with her, had an affair with their maid and had an affair with the mother too. P.S this story contains nudity, romance, sex, bad language and its strictly 馃敒 to be updated everyday

  • Teacher Daddy
    580K 8.3K 25

    After Lola allowed her friend to introduce her into the bdsm lifestyle. She meets a man who who will educate and train her to be his submissive over the summer. Her senior year proceeds that summer and she is stunned to find out her dom is her teacher. They continue their time together and keep it under wraps. As lo...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dominant Professor
    107K 2.4K 28

    A Sequel of My Dominant Teacher. Macon Valimera, has chosen to be with Karl Evans after leaving her hometown and Bryant James David. However, how will you two be when you faced each other after years of no contact? And now, he is the owner of the university you are going to. Her former Dominant Teacher, turned into a...

  • Anatomy (Sequel to Biology)
    3.3K 117 5

    Sequel to Biology "You said you would never leave me," Both Jacob and Violet promised each other. Jacob was said to never wake up from the coma that a car accident put him in. Jacob was Violet's first true love, but after waking up, Jacob isn't the same person Violet fell in love with.

  • His Lingering Touch
    455K 14.1K 15

    My heart was pounding in my chest so hard that I thought it was going to rip out any minute now as I stared back at the man I thought I had once loved with all my heart. Pain burst through me as I thought about that morning. He still looked the same except his gorgeous blue eyes that once held a mischief glint in th...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dark Paradise (Student/Teacher)
    434K 12.6K 25

    "Get inside." He said. I nodded and walked past him. I wasn't sure if I should stand or sit. He closed the door and walked over to his desk. I watched him lean back and stare at me. "Listen, I know this is your first day, but I don't give a fuck. Be late to my class again and you'll get detention for two weeks. Got i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Call Me Sir
    178K 3.9K 37

    "I have another class I have to go to," I said, trying my utmost to sound strong and confident, but with shaky hands and a clogged up vision it was quite hard to do so. "Skip it, for ME," his husky voice in the crook of my neck, his warm breath blowing across my skin sending tingles down my spine. "S-sir, this is- a...

  • My Dominant Teacher
    1.2M 20.4K 60

    Everyone has their dark secrets. "Can you keep my secret?" Macon Valimera is a scholar student with a dark secret she keeps from her friends and even family will be discovered by, none other than her English professor, Bryant David. But can Macon handle well her professor's secret? Dominant Teacher with a serious feti...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Professor
    766K 22.8K 70

    COMPLETED. This isn't your typical teacher/student at all. It's a proper romance with mature scenes. It's a love story between two people that shouldn't be together, shouldn't have fallen in love. But they do. HIGHEST RANKING: #1 Hot 6/1/2020 #1 Forbidden Love 18/01/19 #1 Teacher 12/05/19 #1 Slowburn 06/02/19 #1 Shy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professor's Obsession
    340K 11.8K 33

    Professor Elliot Landon, 38, is a professor that teaches law at Yale University. He has everything that a man wants: a career, money, and looks. He even has a wife, but he gets tired of her. As fall semester begins, he becomes enamored with a third year student, Alexandria, 22. He tries to seduce her, but rejects him...

    Completed   Mature
  • university | lrh
    553K 14.1K 49

    "you must be really fucking dim, pretty girl, if you can't see how badly i want you." in which luke is her professor, and she tries desperately not to drool whenever he speaks to her. 漏glamluke ---- WARNING- mature content smut/sexual content, duh strong language, duh A little age gap Feels ;)

    Completed   Mature