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  • The Missing Marauder: A Harry Potter FanFiction
    1.4M 37.9K 28

    Sirius Black told Harry that there were four Marauders. He told Harry that his best friends in school were James, Remus and Peter. He told Harry that there were three unregistered Animagi at the time he was at Hogwarts. He lied. There was another, only one other, who Sirius never mentioned. Perhaps because they had a...

  • After We Fall (A Reylo Love Story)
    17.1K 482 12

    Let's just pretend that Ben never died (screw you J.J. Abrams) and he lived. He is now a criminal in the eyes of the galaxy and pursued relentlessly by bounty hunters. Rey and Ben go into hiding together in hopes of protecting him, much to Bens disagreement. As secrets of the force and past are unveiled, a fight to sa...

  • Vera Farmiga X Patrick Wilson fanfiction
    10.4K 250 10

    Made up fanfiction about actress Vera Farmiga and actor Patrick Wilson.

    Completed   Mature
  • Harry Potter One Shots and Headcannons
    714K 19.8K 197

    Marauder, Harry Potter Next Generation, Golden Trio Era's Headcanons

  • Expecting; A Parmiga Fanfiction
    2K 59 4

    Vera Farmiga happily married to her husband Renn Hawkey. They have tried for years to have a baby of there own. Through many failed attempts there marriage is now on the line. Vera seeks out ways to help get pregnant

  • Mr. & Mrs. Wilson
    5.6K 113 9

    Hey guys! This is my story about Vera and Patrick and having a happy life together. Read it to find out more!❤

  • How To Conjure a Love Story
    2.3K 39 4

    Ed and Lorraine Warren are the world's most popular paranormal investigators. Everyone knows their infamous cases, but this is the story of their untold love. Some references, scenes, and dialogue is owned by Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and James Wan. Some characters/events were created or made up for dramatic and...

  • Ed e Lorraine Warren: I can't help falling in love with you.
    3.8K 62 11

    this is a story about how Ed and Lorraine Warren met, and began dating and what happened after that, and I say marriage, life and how was their love for each other.

  • Our Family
    11.1K 279 10

    An Ed and Lorraine Warren fanfiction based on their love story with a exciting twist im sure you'll absolutely love! This book will be updated regularly so stay tuned !! ~Brianna Feel free to follow me on instagram @briiannaowens

  • The Conjuring~Fanfic
    31.8K 588 14

    This is a story between Ed and Lorraine Warren from the Conjuring. It tells the love the two have for each other, and part of the story from the Conjuring. I do not own the Conjuring and I do not intend to plagiarize anything. These are my ideas. Please Enjoy :)

  • It All Started With A Pygmy Puff (A Fred and Hermione Story) Fremione
    75K 2.1K 8

    For Hermione's birthday, Fred will give her anything in the shop for free. What happens when she chooses a bad pygmy puff and will have to work with Fred to make it behave? Will they fall in love or will he let her marry Ron?