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    This is for all the perfectly, awesome, wierd, creepypasta fangirls/fanguys!! This is basically just creepypasta lemons! However, if you want me to just do a romantic one-shot, like someone falling in love with one of the pastas, then I will:) READ ON MY ARMY OF FANGIRLS!!! .....and fanguys :3 HEH♡♥♡

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  • Erotic Shorts M-rated
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    short erotic storys that get to the point and dont really have a plot...JUST SEX!

  • late night erotic moments;)
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    This is a book to satisfy all of your strange needs at night. When you open this book you will be panting and wanting more;) Your darkest fantasys with big dark large men that will dominate over women. Women who submit to there masters and give in to there every whim. Strange beings from another planet that look like...

  • Erotic Desires
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    Just a bunch of one-shots that I wrote :)

  • Sexy Little Stories, Not For the Prude
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    These Sexy Little Stories, not intended for the prude of hearts, are sure to get you hot. Enter a fantasy world of role-paying, romance in a far-away land and other steamy situations. These are not your run of the mill "bedtime" stories, and they are sure to keep you up all night. To purchase:

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  • Mr. Chair, Piggeh, Cry, and Pewdiepie x Reader.
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    Your 20 years old you don't remember much but enough that you decide to look deeper into what happened to find out the truth about your past. Do you not remember the truth or have you been lying about not remembering? Find out in Mr. Chair, Piggeh, Cry, and Pewdiepie X Reader.

  • The Guide to Wattpad and Creative Writing
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    Established, developed and mastered from 2013, 'The Guide to Wattpad' presents you with loads of helpful tips, techniques and skills guaranteed to raise your Wattpad fame and creative writing ability. Covering a wide range of writing topics across over 60 chapters, you'll be rising through the rankings in no time! Yo...

  • How to become successful on Wattpad: A beginners guide.
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    Wondering how some people get so famous on Wattpad? There are certain things that can help you become just as famous. Check them out here.

  • Let Me Be Your Hero -PewDiePie x Reader-
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    YouTube is life for you. You always stop by at YouTube everytime if you feel depressed or just simply, sad. You always dreamed to become a YouTuber. What if, your dream of becoming a YouTuber came true? But, there is an exchange. You'll not like it.

  • A Guide To Becoming A Teenage Hipster
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    Two ambitious teenagers meet in a chance encounter and are immediately repulsed by one another. Follow they're journey as they transit and adjust into adult life while battling the ties of fate that keep bringing them closer over the years.

  • The Writer's Guide to a Good Story
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    Extra, extra, read all about it! Have you heard? I'm giving out writing tips. Whether or not you actually pick up some writing tips is up to you. Hold on. Please don't run away screaming yet. I promise I'll be nice. Cover by @southofparadise

  • Daily wiccan prayers
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    Daily wiccan prayers

  • A Girls Guide to Everything
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    Everything from fun apps to studying tips!

  • Slenderman X Reader
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    You are an 18 year old women who is obsessed with mythical creatures and urban legends. So when slenderman takes a sudden interest in you.....Well. Let's just say things get hot. ;) (WARNING: Contains smut, sex, oral sex, and possessive slendy at the end. NO LIKE, NO READ!!!!)

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  • Roar For Me (A Scott 'The Big Cat' Pfaff fanfic)
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    An awkward guy by the name of Scott 'The Big Cat' Pfaff meets an out going and spontaneous young women by the name of Lily Fairfax. Big Cat who works in the factory meets her through Rob since she works for him. And can just read the rest

  • Adam's Song ≫Adam Dahlberg
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    ❝So what's it be Adam?❞ the story in which a depressed boy is told his entire life story through thoughtful lyrics and the background music of Blink-182 | © danielle vitaly

  • Wicca
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    Wicca a misunderstood religion. Let this help clear any confusion you may have, help you become the Wiccan you want to be,or simply satisfy your curiosity. I have taken the time to research,read books,and talk to covens to further my connection with the god and goddess. I also put my own Book of shadows in here please...

  • Daddy Dyrdek
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    Y/N has just lost her parents and she needs a home. Rob finds her in the orphanage at 15 figuring a 15 year old would be easier to take care of then a baby. Can he really take care of this girl with the help of his cousins, Big Black and the rest of the crew? Or will he find out there more that comes with her than he'...

  • pagan music
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    Pagan music is hard to find so I'm going to list the lyrics, singer, and cd name. BLESSED BE!!! )O(