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  • Half Ghost Hero
    65.1K 2.3K 24

    Danny Phantom & Teen Titans crossover. Artwork isn't mine. Danny got captured by the Guys in white almost 2 years ago, when he was 14. Now he's 16 years old, and he breaks out and searches for his brother Richard. Is what he finds what he expects? There's a prophecy hanging just around the corner, and Dan knows jus...

  • The phantom and his spider pal(adopted)
    119K 4.4K 67

    Danny's lost it all, his friends, his parents, and even his sister. He fled amity park with the g.i.w on his tail. And where's the one place he goes? New York. Spiderman had just made a comeback. Peters life was starting to look up for the first time after gwens death. But how will he react when he finds a injured pha...

  • Broken Ghost (A Danny Phantom, Young Justice, and Batman Crossover)
    60K 1.8K 8

    Danny is on his own, not the same ghostly teen hero he once was. Currently living in Gotham, he lives on the outskirts, keeping to himself and trusting no one, until he runs into a certain Bat, his birdie, and said birdie's crew. CURRENTLY ON HOLD!!

  • Danny Phantom Reveal (Oneshots)
    12.3K 338 14

    This book contains different stories on how Danny's identity was revealed whether it be in school, by his parents, accidental or forced reveals. Be ready for new adventures every chapter! Copyright Butch Hartman. All characters in this book do not belong to me. I simply only own the plots! If I owned Danny Phantom, Ph...

  • Worldwide Disaster
    15.3K 474 6

    It's been a couple of months from the death of Superman. Danny been hiding after his family's death from the GIW. Bruce Wayne been out looking for warriors to protect earth from what might come. What happens when Bruce finds out about the halfa? Will Danny escape his fear and join in this team or will he come to prey...

  • This isn't relevant to the plot of phantom and his spider pal
    26.6K 1.3K 27

    I decided to make the one shot from my story phantom and his spider pal into a story. You shave my need to read the other one but this is basically just like it but with better writing, a bit darker beginning , and Tom Holland's spiderman instead of Andrew Garfield's.

  • Avenging Phantom
    17.5K 676 7

    A town destroyed. An orphan with amazing powers taken by a paranormal HYDRA spin-off. Revolutionary research, gone. Until now. Or, until the Avengers stumble upon something that may have extreme consequences and may include them taking in a young teen.

  • Danny Phantom One Shots
    23.5K 647 10

    This title is so original right? I'm just going to write some one shots for Danny Phantom. If you guys have any requests, leave a comment and I'll try to write a chapter for you. I'll leave this part at the end of the chapters to remind all of you. I hope you enjoy these stories. Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom...

  • Jack Frost and Danny Phantom Spirit of Halloween
    57.4K 1.9K 14

    It's a hot summer day at Amity Park. The last person you would think to see there is Jack Frost, right? Something weird has been happening at Amity for a long time now and Manny has sent Jack to find out what.

  • A trip to a small town called gravity falls
    6.3K 234 13

    Danny and his English class are going to a small town called gravity falls for a field trip. When they see the entrance to the town Danny notices that this will not be as relaxing as he hoped. On their way in the see an old rusty car get smashed and dragged away by a giant hand this place is not what it seems. Once th...

  • Phantom Falls
    2.2K 76 5

    Dipper and Mabel Pines, thought they were the only ones staying with their Great Uncle, until they meet their second cousin Danny Fenton, who's also staying with the twins the entire summer, join them as Dipper finds a mysterious book in the woods and starts going on fun packed adventures and maybe even some secrets r...

  • Ghostly Summer (Gravity Falls and Danny Phantom Crossover)
    6.8K 147 10

    (Warning: Really, really, really, really, really bad writing along with bad plot line) I do not own Danny Phantom or Gravity Falls I only own Tori. Plus the art work up top is not mines.(If I had a dollar I read that) Tori was just your average Gravity Falls girl like being brainwashed by the society of the blind eye...

  • The Phantom Beast of the Forest
    1.5K 47 4

    Summer after Weirdmageddon was well, weird. Dipper and Mabel Pines returned to Gravity Falls, expecting a summer of average Gravity Falls level weirdness. Not too boring, but not too insane. They expected the average Gnome attack or Vampire stakeout, but not the truth. Not a summer of confusion and denial.

  • Danny Phantom:Emotional World (Inside Danny's Mind)
    77.5K 2.1K 13

    Danny's parents wants to test out a new invention they made specially for Phantom. They captured him in front of all of Amity. They used the new invention on Phantom while he is tied up. The invention made everyone from Danny's class including Mr Lancer and Vlad to travel into his mind. Danny desperately tries to get...

  • Professor Phantom
    48.6K 1.6K 12

    Danny Phantom or should I say King Phantom yeah that's right Danny is now the official king of the ghost zone. After the defeat of Pariah Dark Danny claimed the throne for himself. Fright Night and Pariah's Keep now fell under his rule as well as the crown of fire and the ring of rage. Pariah's Keep turned into phanto...

  • To rule an Empire
    923 53 3

    It's a long awaited sequel to another DP x Star Wars crossover. The young princess Danielle is now in charge of the turbulent part of the biggest empire in galactic history, created by emperor Phantom. And upon her shoulders falls the burden of ruling the most turbulent of its parts - the former Galactic Republic. It...

  • Inside the Halfa's Mind
    81.6K 2.9K 14

    Another day in Mr. Lancer's English room. Now, due to his foolishness, he enters his student's mind known as the loser and geek of Casper high, Danny Fenton. Now, they will discover many secrets and pain their classmate had been going through, but will they survive as the darkest emotions of Danny haunt them down? Let...

  • Invader Zim: Catch me
    14.5K 1.1K 55

    Zim was like any other human who lived on Earth. He had a family like everyone else but they weren't exactly normal. He had parents living a destructive lifestyle and a little brother. His brother had more mental problems than him. He wasn't exactly normal either with his insatiable hunger for murder. Dib was an assis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Born to be HEROES
    27.8K 824 9

    What if Danny wasn't a Fenton but is a Grayson. When he was 3 yrs old he got separated from his brother who was 8 at the time because of an accident and was adopted by separate people. After 13 years Danny got caught by the GIW, they shot Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, and was there for a week. Find out what happens next when h...

  • Reunited Brothers (Danny Phantom X Young Justice) ON HIATUS
    79.7K 2.3K 10

    Danny Phantom is one of three half ghosts in all the world and Ghost Zone. After defeating Pariah Dark, Danny was also declared Prince of the ghost zone until he could be crowned king at eighteen. The other two half ghosts are Vlad Masters, rich millionaire and Danny's uncle, and Danny's clone, Danielle, who became hi...

  • The Ghost Brother
    214K 7.5K 49

    What if Danny Phantom and Dick Grayson were brothers? Richard and Daniel Grayson lost their parents and were both taken in by Bruce Wayne. They were trained to fight by his side until Dick and Bruce had a falling out and Dick left, leaving Danny with Bruce. But while on a mission Danny is knocked out and gains amnesia...

  • The Small Ghost
    111K 4K 42

    Danny was taken by the GIW when he was six. They killed his family and they're the only people he has ever known. When the Young Justice team find the boy at the facility they immediately take him away. What will happen to the boy who can't trust the living? Will he grow to trust the team? Or will he escape his new pr...

  • His Brotherly Ghost
    164K 4.8K 27

    Danny Fenton has a secret, he is also known as Danny Phantom! After his secret gets out his parents team up with the GIW to capture Danny. Once they found him he was tortured, beaten, dissected, and many other horrible things. One day sitting in his cell bleeding and wondering why this happens to him of all people, h...

  • Rise of Emperor Phantom (Star wars x DP crossover)
    109K 4.7K 65

    Danny was in pain, his friends were dead and his family wanted nothing but destroy him. But then Clockwork offers him an interesting solution to his problem, and Danny now may be able to get his revenge. But is it going to stop on that?

  • Danny Phantom One Shots - Side project!
    16.1K 440 8

    Hey guys! This is basically gonna be a thing I'll do when I'm not writing moral compass :) Maybe some of these can be made into full blown stories if you'd like sometime? It'll probably be updated less than MC though, since that's the main project at the moment. Maybe I'll put some pairings into it (Not just the roma...

  • Darkness Snow and Red
    43.1K 2K 22

    "I...thought you were dead. I couldn't bear it, so I took you home where I discovered you were barely alive. What happened that night Daniel? Why were your parents trying to kill you, even in human form?" Danny stared up in the glistening red eyes. ((Danny and Vlad FatherxSon pairing!))

  • Long Lost Brothers
    199K 6.8K 33

    (Teen Titans and Danny Phantom) What if Robin had a little brother? Dick Grayson and his brother Danny Grayson were separated after their parents death. After years of searching Robin,also known as Dick Grayson, has found his brother again. What will happen when Danny meets Dick, and what will happen when it starts to...

  • The Secret's Out {HIATUS}
    28.3K 775 9

    At this point, Danny Fenton didn't really look for trouble- it came for him. From a depressing revelation to a crappy reveal to an attempted murder and more, Danny really is starting to regret his life choices. -- *One-shots of Danny's secret being revealed or of AUs, drabbles, basically just DP randomness --- Discla...

  • The Phantom's Daughter
    20.8K 536 10

    Father Daughter bonding fic of Danny and Danielle. When Danielle finally realizes she wants a family of her own she heads to the only person she thinks of as family Danny Fenton. As they learn to be father and daughter they must face some evil ancient powers that are far beyond normal ghosts. Replaces PP, Possible Rew...