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  • King of the Woods, or Trivial Pursuit
    83.4K 6.9K 61

    Florida Forest Service duty officer Ray Lumley is in love with a white fringetree. Not an I-read-Walden-in-high-school love; a sweaty, sappy, I-want-to-rub-against-you-'til-I-get-splinters love. It's awkward. So, he's relieved to learn that he's really hot for Trivia, the dreadlocked, radical environmentalist nymph wh...

  • Black Catz
    2.8K 86 23

    In the near future, when corruption and poverty have taken over, police and government officials no longer take care of the people, but rather, those wealthy residents that can afford the protection. Because of this, families are left to protect themselves, turning their own communities into the armed forces they nee...

  • Edgewise
    352K 32.4K 54

    ***Winner of the Wattys 2016 for Hidden Gems*** The Edgewise exists everywhere and nowhere. A sanctuary to all realms, should you find the door. Managed by one Macklemore Edgewise, proprietor, guardian of the between places, and barman of mystery. If the tavern accepts you, abide by the rules. 1. Leave all confl...

  • Robin des Bois
    119K 6.8K 35

    robin des bois - french, meaning "robin hood" Isis Greene is a girl with an unconventional hobby. She steals from the rich to give to the poor, or as she believes, restores some much needed balance to the universe. But after one robbery gone wrong, she finds herself in more trouble than she'd ever anticipated, and he...

  • Earthwitch
    9.2K 1.1K 30

    When a deranged god hunts you, you can die or ascend. ** Anele has lived most of her life with the divine beasts of the wilderness, sleeping alongside dragons, wrestling elephants with her bare hands, and hiding from monarch v...

  • Changing Me ✔
    26.2K 658 27

    Changes. Cam Williams and Raina Smith, two peas in pod who were once connected at the hip. Nothing could separate the two of them. But Raina moving away to California was never part of either one of their plans, but time wasn't on their side. Starting over is always hard, especially without her best friend at her side...

  • Skins & Needles
    38.1K 1.9K 23

    "Aren't you worried about me knowing where your super-secret-criminal-lair is located?" I asked as we drove. We were out of the city now, and I couldn't have made out the road signs through the darkened limo windows anyway, but it seemed silly that he would chance me memorizing the route. "Are you going to tell anyone...

  • Cutie Cutie Ghost Show
    9.1K 947 76

    Season 1 : Complete Season 2: Happening now CUTIE CUTIE GHOST SHOW is a near future dystopia about social media celebrities being turned into ghosts. In a corporate-owned city in a near future dystopia, children are imprisoned and taught to become social media celebrities. Twin sisters Qannen & Qynka will have to en...

  • Camp Mapplewood
    471K 18.1K 37

    Finished high school, Emma's forced to spend her summer at a camp. But a striking counsellor, Vivian, changes her plans from escape to together forever. ***** Seventeen-year-old Emma Lane usually lives with her dad, but she's once again being force...

  • Bookworms | ✔
    276K 26.5K 79

    Bibliophile - a person who collects or has a great love of books. * * * * Nicholas loves to read. It is his passion, his source of air, his world. He'd lose himself among the pages of an alternate reality. It is his daily routine, so getting a job at the library is the next best thing. The problem? Well, Nicholas doe...

  • Sex and Death in Skeleton City
    348K 9.1K 29

    Geoff and Naomi are dead, and they're depressed, but when Geoff's cat Bernie dies as well, they embark on a wild journey to find it in the underworld. ***** When Geoff dies, alongside his girlfriend Naomi, they end up sharing an apartment in the Und...