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  • My Lil Devil- Bendy x Fem!Reader
    42K 1K 17

    You're Y/n L/n, a new animator at Joey Drew Animation Studios. You're excited to start your new job, and so far, everything is going well. But after strange stuff starts happening to you, and you have an encounter with an unlikely character, your life gets flipped upside down almost immediately. Can you deal with what...

  • Dance for me || Bendy X Reader || BATIM
    125 9 1

    Watched. Treasured. Admired. Loved. He wants you and no one else. His muse, such ethereal beauty pledged just for him, a sinner. The thought of you made his ink boil and a gray hue appears on his face, but what the demon enjoys the most (besides your company and touch) is your dancing. Captivated by your movements. H...

  • Female!Reader X Bendy ( Beautiful Black )
    45.4K 1.3K 67

    In this beautiful colorful world.. we merely keep asking why we are alive and living? Kerrin Drew is a 16 years old girl who's having a tough time living all alone by herself. Away from her busy father, with no single friend she can spend with, introvert and loner she became. Her daily life became a cold boring routin...

  • The Beast Made of Ink
    217K 9K 85

    (This is a Bendy x Reader fanfic) Your Great-Uncle Henry Stein passed away a little over a year ago, leaving behind all of his belongings for you, including a mysterious key to a storage facility. Finding yourself at a complete mental loss after so much grieving, you decide to go to his old storage facility in hopes t...

  • Drawn Together (Bendy x Female Reader) {DISCONTINUED}
    42.6K 1.2K 22

    You are only 19 and you've just moved out of your parents' home and now you live alone in a small town house. Your life is going well as you're in a good position with your job and you are settling in your new home. One day, you ended up wandering into an abandoned studio and you come across a living cartoon, Bendy. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • "The Bride of Bendy" Yandere Bendy x reader
    65.5K 1.1K 7

    Y/n Stein was an (age) year old girl and the daughter of Henry Stein. Y/n loved to draw and watch cartoons when she was little, her favorite being Bendy and Friends. Her father used to always take her to his workplace at Joey Drew's Studios to see him and the other animators work and watch all the episodes play on th...

  • Survival with a Dash of Romance (Bendy x Psychic! Female! Reader) [BATIM]
    4.8K 276 16

    You had knowledge of the BATIM universe. How? You were never from there. You were from another dimension; the dimension that had BATIM as a fictional horror game. How did you end up here? Well, you slept one night and here you are. You suspect this may be a dream, but this seems all too real. In your dimension, you ne...

  • A Symbiotic Heart (Symbiote!Bendy x Reader) [Under Revamp]
    36.4K 1.1K 12

    Joey Drew was a determined, yet curious man; was brilliant, yet manipulative; and an ex-biologist. He was fired from his position as a biologist - focused on the study of abnormal life, the human body, and microbiology - for his questionable goals and behavior. His passion for art lead to a career as the head of an an...

  • Ink Bendy x Reader - Together Within the Studio (DISCONTINUED)
    38.3K 1.1K 13

    DISCONTINUED Sequel to "Alone Within the Ink" Female reader! Following the disastrous string of events when Henry wandered through the studio, you and Bendy turned to a life of adventure, looking for loose ends to tie up and looking for old friends, as well as enemies, gone missing. Everything seems to be going fine...