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    The Girl Diaries first installment 'Awkward Honesty' follows the ramblings of a newly teenage girl. For this young Australian, life is-uncomfortable. Her body is changing, her family is morphing into a new shape, and her social circle at school is, well, non-existent. Writing down her days in a brand-new journal prove...

  • Heaven's Ashes: Feather Trial
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    There wasn't much to the immortal world but there were rules and those who made them. Some think they're tyrants, some doubt they're even real but the fact remains that those who were seated at the governments table were the best of them. Stella, an Angel of Heaven, accepts the invitation to the Trials feeling like it...

  • Purrfect Disaster - Rent A Wife series, Book 1
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    She is the ideal trophy wife. Erica has yet to find a challenge she cant handle. If there is one thing Erica knows all too well, its that the perfect hair, perfect clothes and perfect shoes will get her everywhere in life. Solely focused on her job, she has avoided every chance at dating in the real world, playing it...

  • Love in the Real World (Paradise Book 2-completed)
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    August, the daughter of Savana, wants to be a meteorologist. But how can she pursue that dream in Paradise if the weather is nice all year around? She always wanted to work for what she has and that dream can finally come true when she is given a chance to pursue her dream in the real world. But what if she has been t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Keep You Forever ✔️
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    A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY in TEEN FICTION! When sixteen-year-old Lissa Ray arrives at the quiet hillside town of Juniper Hills, she doesn't expect much. Fresh from a big city, she knows she's only there until her parents figure out their marital issues. What's the most that could happen in a small town in just six mont...

  • A Look In Allie's Life
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    Alice peach is a normal sweet going girl who breaks up with her unloving boyfriend. She meets a new guy. Will her life turn out great or will she face any problems? This is my first book and my first try in writing. so please leave any corrections or tips to improve my writing in the comments. I'd really appreciate...

  • Just Love me
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    !!! Coming May 1st 2020 to amazon kindle!!! After witnessing her mother's murder, Emily gets thrown into one foster home after another. On her 18th birthday, she finally finds the freedom she longed for, only for it to be halted by an accidental fate. Jake, son of a wealthy real estate tycoon, throws his life into wo...

  • Fake Smiles
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    Sequel to the novel No Strings Attached I never knew that being a superhero can be exhilarating. Ever since Nadine, Marco, James, and I received superpowers, we ran away from home, saved passengers from a chaotic train, and become lab rats for a mutant-hating scientist named Mr. Jefferies. But now that everything...

  • A Mindful Old Soul
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    Nowadays, not many young teenagers have a pure heart like Lena Foster. A girl of sixteen lives in a small family with her widowed father and her infant sister. After months of homeschooling along with raising Serena, her father finally decides he send his daughter off to a public school. Lena has to face a society sh...

  • The Perpetual End
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    Six words describe Sarah Abbas. One Character. Two Identities. One Mission. She is not a typical 17 year old girl. As a being of fire, events take turn for the worst when she finds herself on a dangerous mission that involves mingling and spying on humans, and not to mention, facing her long lost arch enemy. But the...

  • Paradise (Completed)
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    22-year-old, Savana Dean's life slowly falls to pieces when her brother disappears without a trace of evidence. Not only does she lose her brother (her best friend), her parents blame her for his disappearance and cut her out of their life, and she can no longer fake a smile in front of her friends. Three years pass...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Hidden Story
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    A true story about a young man who has been faking a smile for years and sees waking up every morning as a nightmare. (Gave Up On Life) #EndBullying #EndRape