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  • Fever (Loki Romance Fanfic)
    261K 8.5K 37

    [EXPLICIT] Loki survives the battle with the Kursed on the Dark World, but the convergence drops him on an inhospitable alien planet, where an unknown woman nurses him back to health. Genre: hurt/comfort, romance, slow burn, wilderness survival, a little mystery, a little light bsdm, and a LOT of explicit smut. Also t...

    Completed   Mature
  • PROTECTION ❖ Geralt X Reader
    71.1K 2K 24

    When a Princess by the name of Y/N has to be escorted from her kingdom to marry a Prince in the East, Geralt is summoned by the King himself to escort the Princess. What happens when the Witcher begins to fall in love but simultaneously finds out a heartbreaking truth about the seemingly perfect woman? Rated 18+ Start...

  • Sociopath's New Feeling ( Sherlock × Reader)
    150K 5.5K 52

    (A/n: I am gonna start writing again! please forgive me! 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ ) Sentiment- something that Sherlock Holmes never experienced until (y/n)'s and his paths crossed. He started doing things which never did. He started feeling things which he never felt. Then comes the rollercoaster ride called 'life'. Life isn't a s...

  • Seduced ➢ Kylo Ren
    2.9M 93.9K 61

    highest ranking so far- #13 in Fanfiction (set a couple or so months after ep.vii) cover by the lovely @-peterparkers DISCLAIMER: *i do not own these characters nor do i own the star wars franchise* (i wish i did, but whatever)

  • aid • kylo ren
    594K 16.2K 41

    → A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... After the battle on the Starkiller base with resistance supporters Rey and Finn, the commander of the First Order, Kylo Ren, has his wounds he sustained during battle tended to by Luna, a young unsuspecting nurse of the First Order. ...

  • Spoilt Little Rich Girl - Draco Malfoy X Reader
    1.1M 32.2K 108

    Y/N Moonshine, the great granddaughter of Merlin himself. Her journey through Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry leave people slightly cautious of her, maybe because of her family tree? But Y/N still manages to catch the eye of a well known Slytherin boy, and he doesn't hesitate to get close to the student who...

  • Agent X (Five Hargreeves x Reader)
    60.4K 1.6K 29

    "I have enhanced brainwave activity, dumbasses. I'm the soul human being on planet of dogs." "And the English translation is...?" Klaus asks with scrunched eyebrows. "She's saying that she's better than us... than we'll ever be." Five clenched his jaw and stared into her eyes. --------- As you can see, this is a Five...

  • The Slytherin Royals
    1.1M 36.8K 85

    Kallista Zenia Emrys is born in the world of high society pure bloods. Being one of the last remaining descendants of Merlin- the Greatest Wizard of all time- she finds herself being weighed down by the extremely high expectations that her name gives. Starting Hogwarts, Kally quickly learns the hate that comes with b...

  • Stitches | Poe Dameron
    180K 4.5K 23

    The story of girl named Lyla, best surgeon in the Resistance. Her one rule: do her job without anyone - ANYONE - finding out about her past. And Poe Dameron, best pilot in the Resistance, who has a thing for breaking rules. [Time takes place before The Force Awakens.]