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  • This Is Not a Tragedy
    157K 13.2K 42

    A teen is stunned to discover he's half-vampire. Will being asexual-aromantic thwart bloodlust, or are there other emotions strong enough to trigger murder? ******* Natsu anxiously follows his mentally-ill mother's rules, forcing himself to be an emotionless loner and suppressing his peculiar body constitution. But wh...

  • Momojirou Mafia Au
    1.4K 69 4

    Jirou is the boss of a high ranking mafia. She meets Momo in a supposed kidnapping. How will they grow closer? What will stand in their way? (Sorry, I'm really bad at descriptions)

  • Song lyrics
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    this is just some random song lyrics.

  • News & Updates
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    Stay connected to all things Wattpad by adding this story to your library. We will be posting announcements, updates, and much more!

  • LGBTQ stuff U-U
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    LGBTQ stuff U-U

  • Be My Light ♡ Yuri x Natsuki ♡ ✔️
    43.4K 1.9K 24

    One day, Yuri found Natsuki being harassed by some boys, so she stepped in to help, and let's just say, she took things a bit too far. Ever since, Yuri has been wondering: why did she help her, since she was mean to her? And then, she found out the truth. An old book so it's sucks. Milestone Sticker by @avadel

  • Electric Heart Beat || BNHA Fanfic || Kamijirou ||BOOK #1
    47.7K 1K 6

    A fluffy KamiJirou story. Jirou is insecure about how pretty she actually is, and Kaminari attempts to convince her that she shouldn't get offended by Mineta. (While trying to conceal his crush on her). But along the way, a romance between the two seems to occur. Fluffy! Feels! I like happy things! Highest Ranking: #...

  • Kamijirou how did we end up here
    10.1K 172 9

    Kaminari and Jirou were simple classmate...well except for they both had a crush on each other. Can Jirou get over her former boyfriends abuse and start another relationship that will hopefully last a life time. Wait and see in how did we get here a BNHA story with things slightly altered.

  • My Girl (kamiJirou depressed! Jirou x Kaminari)
    23.8K 410 26

    Jirou, the class's favorite DJ. But behind all of that is disaster. Her parents in the hospital, her siblings abused, and her abusive grandmother with a soft grandfather. At first, Kaminari notices something is off about her. Jirou is about to kill herself until Kaminari here to the rescue! Her classmates and Kaminari...

  • saving you | kamijirou
    61.6K 2.2K 35

    everyone's drowning in their own problems. for these two, it may seem as if they won't reach the surface. all they need is a bit of saving. denki kaminari just wants to be free again; free from the pain that haunts and follows him. kyouka jirou misses the feeling of being loved, but not even she remembers how it feels...

  • Jirou's Pain
    647 21 2

    I saw the cover on IG, and there was a comment saying that there should be a fanfic. Guess a Dragon has a mission! (Cover Art credit: @swordtrix_)

  • Bnha Oneshot book
    146 13 4

    I will make some oneshots good luck to meeee uwu

  • Rating BNHA ships
    12.5K 155 17

    Rating bnha ships! Any hate will be deleted. I do not own BnHa/MHA credits go to Horikoshi.

  • Next Gen! My Hero Academia Rp
    8.9K 64 17

    Here you are the child (or children) of the two heroes of your choosing. You can follow your parents footsteps in U.A. or choose your own path. Will you be a hero, villain? Will you make friends, enemies, fall in love? How will you make your quirk your own?

  • ~Times of Wither~ {A MinaMomoJirou Story}
    9.4K 165 14

    Jiro has been in UA with her friends, one of her friends she had fell head over heels in love with. Her best friend, Momo. To the point she realized, The Tails of "The Hanahaki disease" Is real. . . {After everything that has happened, love still grows in thus people} Picture Credit goes to Tumblr user lesbiancreatii!!

  • Zodiac Signs
    10.4M 354K 152

    A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.

    5.5K 268 28

    "You read the title! :D that's all you need to know except for that it can also be used as a rp book!" Book cover: made by meh

  • Great Great Adventure's of Jirou & Kaminari
    6.8K 436 34

    Title says it all...

  • Drabbles Book
    266 14 2

    Just some drabbles it'll include gay panics, meme times, stupidly funny things and such

  • ~MHA/BNHA Picture Book~
    69.9K 1.2K 30

    Will include: -ships -memes -aus -aesthetic boards -comics -gay shit Ships that will be included: -kiribaku/bakushima -tododeku -momojirou -kamijirou -kamisero -tsuchako -erasermic -Kaminari x Shinsou (idk the ship name) Mainly gay ships >I don't own any of the pictures<

  • Mina's instagram
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    IM MINA ASHIDO! ((Later I'm gonna make it a Rachel gardner to since I'm making it like Mina's past

  • Neito Monoma's Instagram✨
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    The title explains it all

  • For you|Billie Eilish Fanfic
    536K 13.1K 102

    It all started when Billie,Finneas and Claudia run away from their security while on tour in florida and they happen to accidentally get recognized and chased. What will happen when Jennifer a mall worker saves the three of them from a mob of crazy fans? Will billie find interest in this girl? instagram:bilpooh [billi...