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  • Best Harry Potter Slytherin fanfics
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    A list of my favourite Harry Potter Draco Malfoy and Tom Riddle Slytherin fanfics Note! These books do not belong to me all credits go to the rightful owners If you do not wish for your book to be mentioned in this book, please message me and I will take it down ASAP If you have any recommendations on books to read pl...

  • Best Harry Potter fanfictions on Wattpad
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    I will be listing my top Harry Potter love stories and rating them 1/10. I will continue to than explain why and what I liked about them and what I didn't.

  • Illustrations For Modification By EmilyTheHorcrux
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    This post contains illustrations I made for Modification written by EmilyTheHorcrux. I put the illustrations in the beginning of every chapter. Yup, just like the illustrations in Harry Potter books published by Scholastic. All of the quotes are taken from Emily's amazing work. Thank you for the story, Emily! ♡ I use...

  • Best of Fanfiction: Harry Potter
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    This is all my favourite Harry Potter fan fictions in no particular order. I'm really sorry but I can't promise to read all of your suggestions as I don't spend as much time on Wattpad anymore, but feel free to leave comments of your own stories/own favourites for other readers!

  • tsundoku | recommendations
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    "acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them" p.s. please note that I read most of these books when I was younger and that the recommendations included are not a reflection of my current taste in books. That doesn't mean that I'm withdrawing my recommendations, it just means...

  • Best Harry Potter Fanfictions On Wattpad
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    As fangirls, we all have that frustrating moment where you just can't find that good fanfiction you were looking for. There is always something wrong, whether it's the shitty plot, the grammar and spelling that make it looks like a five year old wrote it or the way the characters are portrayed. Well look no more! Thi...