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  • Hierarchy (Book Four of the Torrent Skies Saga)
    327 67 66

    In book four of the Torrent Skies Saga, Kryrial is scouring the lands, tormenting not only the people of his kingdom but those outside of it. His reach is nearly as vast as his ability. Lodyne continues her insistence that she is the purpose of Katerin's destiny and her goals are as mysterious as ever as her presence...

  • Kismet: A Game of Fates
    974 228 23

    The world didn't believe in stories until all myths came true. Now in ruins, the world itself became legend. The Three Fates are settling a dangerous bet and time is running out. The first one to find the hidden Book of Destiny will change the fate of the world that remains. Each has chosen a hero to compete and it...

  • Timber Man
    4.5K 1K 52

    A mysterious scientist lives in a remote cabin in the woods. 28-year-old Professor Tim Bur and 12-year-old Fiona, his creation borne from a cactus, go on adventures together! They make many friends but also run into trouble. The world is forever changed by his creations, a sentient species of plant known as chlorin. C...

  • The Bonneville Witches' Cookbook { A Calliope Finx Seedworld Novel}
    1.1K 248 18

    Calliope Finx is training to be a murderess. It's very civilised training, tucked away in her guardian's estate of Bramblyrose, where she loves to ride her horses, and learns anatomy and foreign languages, as well as exactly how much strychnine to slip into a teacup. At seventeen, she hasn't exactly murdere...

  • The Dragon's Book
    722 258 28

    This story was not written by a hero, but by one who knows them well. It is a love story, an adventure story, a memoir, and a mystery--but most importantly, it is a magic story, which is the most wonderful kind. It comes from a world where children are born with wings, where priests can write spells in fire, and where...

  • Naturalized Monsters
    2.8K 681 27

    In the not too distant future of technology and advanced medicine, where men have evolved to warp the laws of nature and science, one boy imbued with the wishes and power of a civilization's desperation will become the only hope to the end of a race war that's persisted for generations. Will he succeed? Or destroy ev...

  • Mr. Whitlock
    455 94 15

    Marie Westbrook finds herself moving back home, only to learn that she is inheriting her dying grandmother's old house. People haven't lived in it in decades, with the rumor that it is 'haunted.' Upon moving in, Marie finds something unexpected... A ghost who has lived within the house walls for over half a century. B...

  • Empath [On Hold]
    2.9K 473 21

    Do you ever wish you could experience someone's feelings with them? Miyuki is an Empath, one of the six Classes of the Luminara Empire. Born with the ability to absorb another's emotional state, she is tested and enters the Gifted Academy. But when Miyuki is thrust into a world of suspicion and rivalry between classes...

  • A Pact for Eternity
    617 140 10

    My death was almost normal. A simple but tragic bus crash was going to be the end of me. Tires screeching, horns blaring, and glass shattering. Those things were supposed to be my last memories, but they weren't. The way I really died was far more interesting than that. After all, isn't it strange I am able to tell th...

  • The Left Hand of Light
    1.3K 311 39

    When Light fails, Darkness prevails. A lonely intuitive whose darkness has brought her to the brink of suicide is reluctantly enlisted by a man who travels between our world and the Spirit World to avenge the souls of his lover and child, taken by the Shadow Queen to the Underworld, a place he cannot find without her...

  • Unification
    169 30 7

    In 2037, humanity made an unprecedented discovery below the surface of Mars: evidence that humans were not the only civilization to have existed in the Universe. Several years later, the first human colony would be established upon the dead planet and focused its efforts around the monolithic artifact, A.L.M.A. By Jan...