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  • Happy Ever After In The Marketplace
    30 6 6

    A Complete bs fanfic of your favorite couple Desmond and Molly Jones from the song "Obladi Oblada". It's 2am and Paul Mccartney is quaking. Ight thx.

  • mclennon story
    170 8 2

    very cute mclennon story

  • You Broke My Heart!
    52 2 1

    Ringo breaks up with George and it has a twist...

  • Pepperland - a Beatles fanfiction
    1.6K 127 37

    It has been exactly half a century since the original Beatles saved Pepperland from the terrible blue meanies. The year is 2017 and a new, bigger and bluer enemy has risen. Pepperland needs a new group of heroes... but who? This is my first book - so it isn't really any good! Just warning you 😉 Completed :) Amazing c...

  • Growing Up Beside You [John Lennon/Beatles Fanfiction]
    68.2K 2.5K 35

    For as long as Celia Pooley has remembered, she's hated John Lennon- a loud, abrasive, obnoxious and self-obsessed boy at her school. However, when Celia and John find themselves forced into each other's company, they soon become drawn to each other in a way that seems to confuse them both and slowly but surely, thei...

  • Nora's Thing
    289 36 5

    Nora has Tourettes. A disorder not many understand. So when Nora starts grunting or wiggling her face, they pass it off as a thing. Except John. John has his funny ways in dealing with things one can't control, and he showed Nora through some tough, brotherly love. Spending summers at Mendips, the two through strain...

  • If I Fell [John Lennon/Beatles FanFiction]
    38K 3.5K 68

    *Parts 1 and 2 are now complete* ❝He'd always been important to me, but now it was more than that. I wanted to be near him all the bloody time. It was time to accept the truth...I'd been slowly and irreversibly falling for my best friend. What a proper prat I was.❞ Liv Woods foolishly falls in love with her best mate...

  • We Don't Grieve
    265 18 1

    The death of Stuart Sutcliffe was difficult, but it was being in his world that made it harder. John Lennon, George Harrison short story.

  • I Wouldn't Change a Thing
    30.4K 1K 16

    Upon first glance, Gail Greene appears to have it all: Beauty, confidence and a nifty job as Brian Epstein's secretary. However, she secretly longs for something more and finds herself becoming attracted to a certain Beatle. ~~Set in 1965~~

  • ~My Endless Bag of Beatles Memes~
    2.2K 301 24

    Hey y'all so after collecting about 3 years worth of memes and literally have no one to show them to, I decided to put them in a book because my computer has about 4,000 damn photos of these lovely idiots. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THESE PICTURES!!! I FOUND IT ALL ONLINE IN THE WEE HOURS OF THE NIGHT.

    9.4K 561 15

    𝑖 𝑏𝑒𝑙𝑖𝑒𝑣𝑒 𝑖𝑛 𝒚𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒅𝒂𝒚. © -flowermoons 2019 ─ pre-beatles time travel au

  • I Want to Tell You (Beatles Fanfic)
    51.4K 1.7K 71

    *Ranked #5 for #Beatles 09/23/20* When Wendy Parker wakes up on October 31, 2020 she is your average college student pinching every penny and ramen noodle with hopes to graduate in the next four years with her bachelor's in history. When she wakes up the next morning she is alarmed to discover that the lovely dream sh...

  • Michelle
    122K 4.5K 43

    "Michelle ay? Nice name you've got there love. I'm Paul." *** Set in late 50's Liverpool, Michelle is the new girl in town. The first chapter of her new life begins at a stuffy, little night club of the city, where a local rock group are preforming. She meets one member in particular who just so happens to change her...

  • Undead
    12.3K 640 31

    In a world full of the undead, five boys must survive the zombie apocalypse. But will they last long? I do not own the Beatles. Inspired by dibdabz. Thanks girl! :)

  • I Left My ♥️ In Liverpool
    1.3K 63 4

    aka "How Three Wattpad Friends Spent John Lennon's Birthday"

  • the Beatles x reader - Imagines (renovation)
    162K 2.9K 87

    Hoi ( these stories are kinda old so there getting renovated) This book has simple stories, not to deep in feels. With loads of fluff NO SMUT that's gross... I hope you enjoy it ^///^ P. S. I don't own the beatles, the pictures or you.

  • and I love her [beatles]
    1.6K 82 5

    tiny love stories for the beatles. requests open

  • Razzmatazz (Beatles Fan Fiction)
    40.1K 1.1K 16

    August 1963 - The Beatles are playing a 6 night residency in Llandudno, Wales, when a stranger arrives looking for John. What is the secret past these two people share? And what will it mean for the future of The Beatles? * * * Razzmatazz: (also razzama...

  • Amazing Grace.
    230 20 2

    Grace O'Connor is a young woman who has arrived in London from Ireland. She needs a job and is sent for an interview as a housekeeper. The job changes her life and outlook in more ways then you could imagine.

  • We're Paperback Writers | Beatle Book
    250 17 3

    Full of Beatle verbiage, places, people, and things. This gives all you wonderful Beatle fanfic writers a place to look when you're a bit stuck, or if you've just begun to write about the lovely lads.

  • Art Book
    12.9K 2.7K 67

    Write a request in the comments and I'll draw it for you! I'm not that bad at drawing lol. Also yes I painted George Harrison for the new cover of my book. *NOT COMPLETED*

  • Ain't She Sweet
    117K 4.2K 37

    Grace, a woman of the twenty-first century, must prepare for her big day, of which she weds a man she could never love. Her true love stands with the Beatles, a band of which she admires greatly. But what happens when she finds herself back in 1963? ***

  • Hey You ⌲ Paul McCartney
    66.2K 2.3K 20

    ❝I can't love you,❞ he spoke lightly. How I had yearned for him - how I had begged and pleaded for him, how my strength had fallen at the foot of my door when he walked away, how at the last I could only whimper, ❝I knew it.❞

  • him ☾ john lennon
    112K 5.8K 48

    In a poetry class, Aurora struggles to keep up with such a big personality like Lennon. john lennon || the beatles chapters can be a bit small so updated very often I do not own the beatles espressoh 2018© || all rights reserved

  • Words Of Love - George Harrison Fan Fiction - Beatles Fan Fiction
    16K 610 18

    Interracial. Romance blossoms between George Harrison and Annette Grant of The Debutantes, a member of a black girl group from New York (Loosely based on The Ronettes), during The Beatles Christmas Show. The story begins at the end of December in 1963. This is a follow up to The Nearest To My Heart, but told with the...

  • Baby It's You
    14.7K 730 28

    If you asked Anna Hartman what love is, she wouldn't have a clue. Her high class, private school life and over protective mother have always been distractions from a normal teenage life in Liverpool. But it's Anna's last year in education and she wants a change, she wants to escape her concealed life and attend a publ...

  • Chelsey's Choice Ringo Starr fanfiction
    4.6K 205 25

    Chesley was just sixteen when she chooses to become a time traveller. She had no idea how that choice would affect the lives of the people she would meet, especially that of a certain Beatle and that was when the real adventure began.

  • Borrowed Time: Saving John Lennon - A Beatles Fanfic
    55.4K 1.9K 32

    Holly DuPont spent the majority of her life wondering what things would be like if John Lennon had not died on that fateful night in December of 1980. As an adult working for the CIA, she suddenly finds herself involved in a secret project in which her lifelong wonderings become plausible. Should Holly risk her career...

  • The Nearest To My Heart -John Lennon Fan Fiction - Paul McCartney Fan Fiction - Beatles Fan Fiction
    12.9K 399 28

    Interracial. During the Beatles Christmas show concert dates they strike up a friendship with their co-liners the Debutantes a up and coming black girl group from New York (Loosely based on the Ronettes). Paul and John both find themselves interested in the lead singer and budding songwriter, Charlie 'Tilly' Tillman...