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  • A Stark Contrast To The Expected
    1K 107 5

    When Peter and Tony leave the Annual Stark Charity Event, they are expecting to have a relatively quiet night in the Tower, away from the demanding crowds and invasive news reporters. But when they become the target of one man's drunken hatred, things quickly take a turn for the worst.

  • The Parting Glass
    173 22 1

    When a young Peter Parker looses his family farm to the excessive taxation by the British, he doesn't have a lot of people to turn to for help. With May busy trying to handle the burden of the hole left behind by the death of his Uncle Ben, Peter takes it upon himself to get them the money they need to get their home...

  • When Trauma Comes Knocking
    5.2K 433 20

    "Hey, Mr. Stark..." Peter laughs nervously, but tries to lighten the tension nonetheless. "Did you just put me on hold for the last three minutes and twenty-eight seconds?" Tony inquiries, his voice chillingly calm. "'Cause last time I checked, a teenager who is given a multi-million dollar suit answers the calls of s...

  • Peter Parker Whump-Shots
    29K 663 16

    You know the drill, Peter getting himself into much trouble and the sorts. !WARNING! WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING Depression Suicidal Thoughts and Tendencies Self-Harm Anxiety Panic Attacks Spideychelle Probably Bad Injuries Child Abuse Sexual Assault/Rape WILL NOT INCLUDE Starker (DISGUHSTANG) Spideypool (I know in m...

  • Dream In Colors Borrowed From The Sea
    321 32 1

    The first summer after the Snap 2.0 and Tony's entire family is back together again. They're all there, safe, alive, breathing - Peter's safe and alive and breathing - and for the first time in a long, long time, everything feels whole again. Everything feels right, just like it should. So what does Tony do in celebra...

  • Still Iron-Willed Despite Everything
    393 44 1

    Fighting horrible, monstrous cat aliens? Not really the way Peter thought he would be spending his Saturday, but hey, he's Spider-Man after all. Nothing he can't handle. It sort of comes in the superhero job description, after all. Watching his father-figure get slammed to the ground in the middle of battle? Because o...

  • where did you go? [one] ✔
    219K 7.5K 40

    A month after Spiderman goes missing, the Avengers are notified of the odd occurrence by Nick Fury. When they find the brainwashed Peter thousands of miles away, they aren't met with the Spiderman they thought they knew, but instead a being completely different. [THIS BOOK CONTAINS TORTURE] [TAKES PLACE AFTER CM:CW AN...

  • Caught In A Web
    34.4K 1.4K 11

    Tony Stark and Peter Parker are as close as a father and son. Possibly closer even, with how many times they've saved each others' lives. But there may be no chance of rescue after they are both captured by a mutant-hating man with no empathy... TW// torture, suicide mentions, blood, depression This fic is based off...

    66 8 1

    YOU ARE ENOUGH // Tony wants Peter to be better than him so he'll try to be. He'll try. Even if that means fighting a copycat version of Spider-Man. [AN IRONDAD SHORT STORY] [TITLE INSPIRED BY "You are Enough" BY SLEEPING AT LAST] You are Enough © ironarana (2020)

  • More Than a Picture
    554 52 1

    Lately, Peter has noticed he has gotten closer to his mentor Tony Stark. And that scares him beyond belief. Every time he gets close to someone he sees as family, they die. This time, Peter is determined to break that unforgiving cycle by distancing himself entirely. He can't lose another person. What he doesn't take...

  • Iron Lad and Spider-Man
    13.1K 490 5

    The story no one asked for. Harley Keener and Peter Parker hate each other but their superhero alter egos are crushing on each other.

  • The field trip of doom
    1.9K 58 4

    Parker luck strikes again as Peters class goes on a trip to stark towers with a family that really loves to embarrass him, a bully who seems determined to make his life a living hells and an overprotective boyfriend what could possibly go wrong. The answer: everything. Please no hate because this is my first fanfictio...

  • What Could Go Wrong?
    186 5 1

    Apparently everything could go wrong. Peter Parker goes on a field trip to the Tower and crazy ensues. Your classic Field Trip Fic with some Parkner mixed in.

  • Safe
    1K 46 3

    Peter Parker- 15, Spider-Man, a hopeless bisexual and in need of a father. Harley Keener- 16, a southern gay, and in need of someone to protect. Tony Stark- a father, immortal as he likes to say, in desperate need of some kids to fuck up his life. Or Peter and Harley meet under bad circumstances and fall inlove. Only...

  • Peter Parker One-Shots
    2.6K 83 3

    Just some Avengers one-shots. Requests are open for any ship/character.

  • Who Knows Why
    182 8 2

    Peter should feel safe. Tony's back, Morgan adores him, Pepper is practically his mom now, and he and Harley may or may not have a thing together. So what's the problem? Beck's not here. He can't hurt him anymore than he already has. Can he?

  • Peter Parker & the Avengers || Oneshots
    10.4K 280 8

    Hi welcome to my book!! This book will include: Irondad and Spiderson, Harley Keener x Peter Parker, Some Trans!Peter chapters, Deadpool and Stan Lee cameos, Shuri and Peter being meme lords and nerds, Pranking the Avengers, + more

  • a teenager's romance
    4.6K 296 13

    parkner febufluff 2020 [title from "a teenager's romance" by Ricky Nelson]

  • Avengers Oneshots
    45.4K 828 30

    My collection of oneshots I have written myself! There is no smut (so if you're here for just that I'm sorry) but there is angst, fluff and a whole lot of crack. I try not to kill off characters so many dead character are alive. I love all your support in the comments and it makes me so happy! ❤️ u 3000 Ships: Valkyri...

  • Spideypool/Superfamily Oneshots
    283K 7.6K 76

    Title explains it all ^ Yes, I do take requests but only if it's Spideypool or Superfamily. Might do Stony or Ironstrange. Will include: - Nicknames - Soft - Angst - (Probably) Smut - Cursing - (Minor) Violence - Stony (Steve And Tony) or Tonystrange (Tony And Dr. Strange) as fathers - Superfamily (Aunt Natasha, Unc...

  • Secrets
    18K 535 10

    We all have secrets, should we have them. Peter Parker × Harley Keener Peter Parker a 17 year old kid with a secret, and an aunt that has a horrible secret. Harley Keener a 17 year old kid who just moved in with Tony Stark after he got internship. But won't tell why he asked for a job. Both meet S.I. when they intern...

  • IronDad One shots.
    29.1K 767 14

    Guess these are Peter Parker one shots now. Still iron dad just. Also angst. And peterxharley.

  • In the End
    9.4K 304 26

    I used to be a believer in forever, but forever's too good to be true. -A.A. Milne This is a Parley fic with Stony superfamily. Set around civil war, but the war never happens because I said so. Please go easy on me this is the first fic I'm publishing. I've planned out all of the chapters and I am prewriting so tha...

  • spider-man oneshots
    153K 4.9K 84

    mostly spider-man oneshots requests are welcome most of the characters used belong to marvel, later on some r mine enjoy :)

  • The Betrayal
    132K 3.4K 65

    Peter Parker thought the Avengers would always be there for him. He was wrong. But it's ok, he'll show them. Along with someone new yet old. Warning: Brief mentions of abuse and rape, swearing, and gay relationships. Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, I am merely writing fan fiction. The photo above is not mine

  • parley/parkner fanfic (working on the title)
    7.5K 79 5

    Not really much I can say about this

  • Dear Diary || A Parkner Story
    12.7K 677 28

    "It's like I'm living the plot of a fairy tale romance, and Harley's my prince. I'm not sure what story this is, but I wouldn't wish for any other tale." Excerpts from Peter Parker's diary as he meets and falls in love with Harley Keener

  • Tragedy in Tennessee - A Parley/Parkner Story
    29.8K 1.3K 12

    Harley stared at the contact on his phone, finger hovering above the call button. It had been five years since he'd seen him, but he didn't have anywhere else to go. He took a shaky breath and pressed call, raising the phone to his ear. "Hello?" came the familiar voice. Harley smiled weakly. "Hey, old man." ...

  • They Should've Known
    34.9K 1K 12

    .love /ləv/ noun intense feeling of deep affection. ----- A story in which two friends fall in love. And, when they fell, they fell hard. ----- Update!: The sequel is out now! "Know they know" yeah, cliche. I know. But still.

  • peter parker one shots
    87.3K 2.1K 46

    this book includes -spideypool -spideychelle -peter stark(LIKE EVERY OTHER CHAPTER) -harley keener -stony/superfamily -irondad -pepper and tony -superfamily(TONS) -spiderson - singer!peter -badboy!peter -parley (LOTS) -angst, fluff, edgy, sad, funny