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  • HELLS hotel (chapter 4) second chance
    5.1K 57 122

    one more chance for grimm will he live it or wasted it find out

  • Steven Universe x Male Gem Reader
    234K 4.2K 19

    Long before the great war that happened on earth between the crystal gems and homeworld, an experiment was made to create a new type of gem. This experiment was performed on a planet whose environmental temperature was so high that homeworld could only sent gems with fire resistance to work on the experiment. The expe...

  • Konosuba: God's Blessing of the God of War
    485K 9.4K 41

    (Y/N) was a simple teen who lived on his own, loved playing video games, and was a shut-in neet. However, his dreams may just come true as he is struck with an untimely death. This is my first story so sorry if it is bad.

    Completed   Mature
  • Beast master of Seton academy (Seton Academy OC story) hiatus
    31.3K 340 20

    Forced to leave his old pack behind at Darwin academy because, they won't allow humans, and what mite happen if they found out about his heritage. Meet Chase Hunter a direct descendant of the first beast master Takkar. Author note: I just started my profile so I don't hate on it I've had this in my head for a while a...

  • A Wild Academic Safari! (Seton Academy x Male reader)
    138K 2.5K 51

    You are Y/n Mazama, brother of Jin Mazama. Observe as you experience a wacky wild adventure packed to the brim with: Animal waifus! Food! Animal waifus! Brotherly bashing! Did I also mention animal waifus? First story. Constructive shit posts plz. @Son-Of-Cetrion is the one responsible for this travesty. All art used...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mutants + Heroines (Rise of the TMNT & DC Superhero Girls Crossover)
    15.6K 207 7

    This is a crossover AU of Rise of the TMNT and DC Superhero Girls. Some of Baron Draxum's Oozesquitoes moved to Metropolis turning some people into mutants. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to catch the Oozesquitoes and prevent anymore mutations. Eventually they ran into the Superhero Girls and started working togeth...

  • The Black Gem
    2.2M 61.4K 80

    Deep in an abandoned Diamond facility lies a dormant Gem. However this Gem is waking up and it is no ordinary Gem...

  • Equestria Girls: Fallen Gods
    1.2K 20 10

    Months of passed since the epic battle between the God of Destruction Lord Beerus and Goku where the fate of the world is at stake but now peace has been restored..... or so we thought as a new threat arrives and it's all up to Goku and his friends to stop this enemy before he destroys everything in his path. Dragon B...

  • The Halfa!?! (The Owl House x Male reader)
    217K 3.2K 13

    Y/n thought all his life he was 'normal' except for his ears. From the day he was born his ears were pointy at the tip of them. That and he has to different color eyes, other than he is kind of normal. Yet he doesn't have any friends except he does have one, Luz Noceda. She is his best friend and she loves magic and w...

  • Harley Quinn / Poison Ivy x Male Reader ( 2019 cartoon )
    206K 2.9K 47

    Y/n is a childhood friend of Harley Quinn Harley sets off on her own to take over Gotham with the help of her crew , Y/n and Poison Ivy

  • The Resurrected Supreme Being of Nazarick(Overlord x OPM-like!Male!Reader)
    15.2K 213 3

    U/N (Username), the long-lost brother of Momonga is a YGGDRASIL Player who chose to become a Demon who got the unique job called Ascended Demon Lord, and this job boosts all his status 100x and allows him to use magic at tier 10, but it comes with a downside. His Level as an Ascended Demon Lord will only be at Level 1...

  • Our adventure
    38.9K 849 49

    The sequel to in the middle of the dark I found my light, so you should go and read that before you read this, everything will make a lot more sense! ANY ART I SHOW ISNT MINE

    Completed   Mature
  • Love for a beast
    18.6K 204 5

    (DC superhero girls 2019 harem x male genome cyborg reader) You are something called a genome cyborg meaning you have the ability to become many kinds of beasts.You came to metropolis high and try to make new friends and try to keep your past hidden and make new love interests.

  • Welcome to Hell (BatIM x Hazbin Hotel crossover/Male Reader insert)
    237K 4.1K 37

    You are a Cartoonist working for Joey Drew at his Studio. You would draw some Sidecharacters wich the maincast, Bendy, Alice and Boris could interact with in the episodes. You love your job, drawing characters, you would give them life in some way. And that would always make you smile. "You are never fully dressed wit...

  • Seven Deadly Sins x Male reader (Sin of Blasphemy)
    145K 1.8K 19

    In a world where faith is strong and is put before all else... being a wise guy and calling Bs on god, not the best choice. Your sin is an interesting one, and so was the way you became it. You are one of the most powerful sins their are, but also one that is not very well known. But why is that? You may not believe i...

  • The Dragon Slayer ( highschool dxd x mreader)
    564K 6.9K 82

    A high school dxd fanfic I put together with some changes such as the dragon slayer magic from fairy tail All credit goes to the shows

  • Alastor's Shy Brother (Hazbin Hotel x Alastor male reader)
    194K 2.9K 10

    What would happen if Alastor had a brother in hell but is the complete opposite of him. Warning: Mature Content and Lemons Disclaimer: Characters do not belong to me.

  • The Shadow Demon (Hazbin Hotel Fanfic)
    207K 3.9K 13

    Kcalb is a powerful demon who just wants to live his eternal life as peaceful as possible in Pentagram City. (Which is impossible) An old friend of his, who teleports him out of his home, asks him to join a hotel run by the demon princess herself. "Will there be chocolate?" -Kcalb Kcalb is not my character, he belong...

  • In the middle of the dark, I found my light.
    120K 2.5K 65


    Completed   Mature
  • DeCipher Me! (Bill Cipher Male Reader x Highschool DxD Volume 1) [Completed]
    498K 8.4K 25

    (Y/N) Hyoudou turns upside down after a strange dream that occurred in his mind. From being a normal teenage boy, miraculously he had become what as known as a Devil. Remember, reality's an illusion. Universe is a hologram...Buy gold, BYE! (Volume One of Cipher DxD) Arc 1: My Demons -Completed Arc 2: The Phoenix - Com...

    Completed   Mature
  • DeCipher Dreams! (Male Reader X Highschool DxD Vol 2) [Complete]
    139K 2.7K 30

    The life of (Y/N) Hyoudou has become more complicated with dreams coming into his minds. With the spark of war between Three Faction is still raging on, can the Dream Demon-in-training cope with any more of this craziness? "We'll meet again, don't know where don't know when. Oh, I hope we meet some sunny day!" Arc 1:...

    Completed   Mature