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  • M5A3's Journey BF 2042 X Girl's Frontline Animation
    1.7K 25 4

    In the world of Battlefield 2042 a war had broke down between the United States and Russia Known as The War Of 2042 was supposed to be a proxy war to fight over the last remaining resources on Earth United States military and the assigned United States Non-Patriated fight against the Russian military and is No-Pats as...

  • Terra Invicta: The War for Earth. (AL, HI3, Arknights, GFL, Counter:Side)
    3.8K 57 23

    [This is a Revised and Remastered Version.] For years, Five of those Invaders have arrived on earth to prevent their total defeat in their world... SIRENs, an all Alien Shipgirls rained hell on our Navies. Sangvis Ferri, Military Android Girls went rogue from the future arrived to wipe out the human race. Reunion, led...

  • (Girls frontline) I will always be at your side Commander! Monthlyish updates.
    41.2K 811 86

    I don't know if it's cringe or not, follow me on my terrible writing journey, and uh yeah I don't know what else to say.

  • The War for Earth. (Azur Lane x Girls Frontline x Arknights x Honkai Impact)
    7.5K 83 29

    "At February 17, 2028. All four of the unknown aggressors arrived at earth, to take over our lives. The Sirens, an all girls alien forces rained hell upon Naval forces of Earth. Sangvis Ferri, All machine-girls wreaked havoc the ground forces of the Allied forces. Reunion, under the leadership of Talulah, assault and...

    Completed   Mature
  • [Girls frontline] Escape from Petrengrad
    1.6K 61 5

    At the ruined city of Petrengrad now Sector 23, the former citizens whether human or a doll now scavenging for anything in order to survive but one thing is certain that Sangvis Ferri patrolling the streets, different gangs of scavengers compete for anything, infected roaming the city awaiting poor scavengers only to...

  • Girls Frontline AN-94 X Male Soldier Reader
    16.4K 155 8

    Y/N L/N, a young soldier, fights against the russian army. They have invaded his country, Germany, and took control. During a battle he lost his friends and team members. After the battle where he lost his friends, he was brought to a military base in Great Britain. In his room he finds a crystal which can turn weapon...

  • Gun Game (Male Reader x Girls' Frontline)
    536K 8.5K 56

    Can you imagine Deadly Hand-Held Weapons turning into Cute, Sexy, and Attractive Girls? I can, this story is about you having a harem of Girls that are Guns! A.N. I Love Guns!

  • Escaping Reality: Girls' Frontline Yandere Fanfiction
    37.9K 243 29

    SDC24 is an ace commander working for Griffin&Kryuger in Girls' Frontline, but in reality, he's just an average high schooler named Yuèyǐng and prefers it that way. But after manufacturing two psychopathic T-Dolls, his days became nightmares as he is always steps from death. WARNING: This fanfiction has cursing, viole...

  • Girls' Frontline Fanfiction: Operational Integrity
    6.2K 309 27

    Five t-dolls find themselves all gaining the one ability all dolls fear; permanent authorization to kill humans. Hiding from those who hunt them, the five form a bond thicker than blood as they learn to trust one another, discover secrets many would rather stay buried, and attempt to right the wrongs that were done t...

  • Girls' Frontline Fanfiction: Tsar of the Mountain
    9K 525 35

    Beneath the snow-capped Ural Mountains lies an old soviet bunker long abandoned by its creators. On the edge of Sangvis Ferri territory, Griffin & Kryuger must secure this front with the help of their newest employee, Commander Zeldri. Zeldri must gather supplies and build up his forces to secure the sector as a new...