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  • Forevermore (Phillip Hamilton x Reader)
    68.2K 1.6K 25

    You and Phillip met when you were just kids at a ball. You hit it off immediately, but your friendship may be blossoming into a hidden romance.

  • Book and Quill (Philip x Reader)
    8.8K 276 16

    The war was finally over, Y/n L/n moved from France to her father safely. Her father was in the happiest mood to see his daughter safe and sound, finally in his arms. Y/n's spontaneous mind and undeniable witt came from her mother, who died when Y/n was finally coming home. She's always overlooked as the daughter of...

  • Do I Really Hate Him? (Lafayette x Reader) [DISCONTINUED]
    18.8K 646 13

    "You've gotta move out soon, Lafayette. You're so annoying to have to put up with." "Oh, I'M annoying? Heh. Your dad must not have told you. You're nothing less than a burden, (Y/N)." "I hate you, Lafayette." "I hate you more, (Y/N). Trust me." *** After America won the war, Lafayette realized he had nowhere to go. Wi...

  • Rich Girl (Jeggy/Hamilton Modern AU)
    7K 230 11

    "Rich girls do not date poor boys." "Don't judge appearances, his rich heart is hidden under a poor coat." An alternate universe in which rich sister Peggy Schuyler meets, disses, but soon after, falls in love with poor, gold-hearted John Laurens, but when their worlds do not collide as planned, their love takes a tr...

  • sleepless in new york |√| jeggy
    12K 270 13

    ❝ ﹩ℓ℮℮℘ℓ℮﹩﹩ їη η℮ẘ ¥◎ґк ❞ ▬▬▬▬ ( john laurens x peggy schuyler ) ❣ completed

  • Soar // Hamliza
    10.2K 435 23

    • Sequel to Lift • Fighting and recovering from cancer at age 17 is never easy, especially when it seems like all it does is tear away your dreams and future, right before your eyes. This is how Alexander Hamilton feels as he sits in a hospital bed all day long, unable to go to school or practice dance like he wants t...

    37.5K 1.4K 10

    {Sequel to Old Rivalry} A simple divorce case turns into a murder mystery. And Y/n Jefferson is determined to figure it out. She has pushed aside all the love, drama, and Mary that had happened for the last three months and set her focus to the death of Maria Lewis Reynolds. With the help of Maria's faughters and the...

  • Hamilton Oneshots (2)
    186K 2.2K 107

    The first one is on my profile and it had too many parts so I couldn't add anymore 😅 I accept all requests! Will include smut and also triggering topics.

  • Kings College (Philidosia/Phildosia Fan Fiction)
    39.3K 1.2K 37

    PLEASE READ THIS FIRST : I'm not going to delete this version of the story, but I believe you should know I am rewriting this. It will be under the same title with similar circumstances though the plot will change and many moments in this may not be carried on. I would highly encourage you to read the other instead, a...

  • I never want to say goodbye; a John Laurens x Reader
    176K 4.1K 65

    So I based this story off my own life with a few changes. Just so you know, I suck at writing. Warning: there will be swearing, controversial topics, and smut. So yeah enjoy!

  • Sugar // Marliza
    22K 1.1K 25

    Eliza Schuyler has always had an idea for her future all planned out: open her own café, go to college in her home state of New York, make new friends, and fall in love. So far, she's got all of those things covered except for the last one. Maria Reynolds never had a plan. Well, not since James came along. But now s...

  • Lift // Hamliza
    66.2K 2.7K 55

    FINISHED :) Ever since Alexander was a child, he found comfort in dance. Through all the troubles in his life he knew that if he walked into a studio and turned on some music, everything would be fine. Alexander was a loner, but that was before he met Elizabeth Schuyler. Elizabeth, called Eliza by pretty much everyo...

  • 4 a.m. // Jeggy
    37.2K 1K 28

    Peggy Schuyler: she's always been the forgotten Schuyler. "And Peggy" was practically her catchphrase as this point. The yellow loving, happy-go-lucky insomniac simply wants one persons affection and care, or at least for one person to remember her name. When a cute, freckled boy arrives at her school for the first t...