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  • Colourless
    3K 615 65

    As wielders of colour, they are your identity, they make who you are, a defender, an offender or a creator. In a reality structured on colours, Ariel's little brother is identified as colourless, something that is never heard of. But she is not someone who steps back from protecting her family. Finding a cure all the...

  • SCRATCHED (Failed!Scratch Homestuck AU)
    77 0 17

    I got the idea from a really fucking cool TikTok by @space._.cadet. I do not own Homestuck. All characters seen in the web comic are owned by our lord and savior Andrew Hussie.

  • "Beloved of Land & Sea" {Ocean Turmoil: Book 1}
    11.7K 846 48

    (Official cover design ©2020 by TEMY DESIGNS. Wattpad cover will remain on here after BOL&S will be published.) "Beloved of Land & Sea" {Ocean Turmoil: Book 1} {Completed} - Gaia hides a secret, one that only her parents know about. One night, she heads out to a beach party and someone pushes her into the ocean. She g...

  • The Road
    235 34 13

    A road is a peculiar thing, it is safe and yet one of the most dangerous things in existence, it seems to go forever, it twists and turns and it splits. And that is where Felicity finds herself, exactly where her road splits in two. She is lost with no navigation and no idea what her next step will be. Can she move pa...

  • 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐡'𝐬 𝐆𝐨𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐬
    2.1K 278 16

    Forced to go on a camping trip with her brother whom she has an estranged relationship and a couple of childhood friends, a disastrous turn of events led the group into a cursed realm of terrifying goblins in the dark world of Gehenna. Will they eventually overcome their temptations and return home or trap themselves...

  • Walkers & Werewolves
    79 11 9

    WALKERS & WEREWOLVES... ....Both are territorial beings, and both have nasty tempers with an aptitude for fighting and bloodshed. Moira has always tried to avoid confrontations with this side of her life; craving for a normal, human life with human friends and a human lover, but life has a way of dragging you in to th...

  • The Crimson Archer
    524 56 9

    How far would you go to avenge the one you loved? °°° Before, I was oblivious. Naive. Happy. But when they killed my mother, everything changed. I am no longer the girl I was before. And now, I will do whatever it takes to bring my mother's killer to justice. ...

  • "Shifter: A Were-Cat's Tail" (Slowly being rewritten)
    426K 6.3K 20

    (Amazing cover done by @renesmeewolfe ) Catalina fears that she's the last one of her kind, that the rest have gone extinct. However, the Celestial Spirit of the Sun has a way of making her unique, so she's the first of her kind. Journey with Catalina as she learns to love, go through life lessons, heartbreak, and mos...