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  • Watching Nothing I Wouldn't Do For You
    2.8K 111 8

    Because this story is way too long to not put it into another book. Yet another book in the Watching The Unmatched Records series.

  • And So This Is Christmas
    67 1 1

    The Stark's are having a get together for Christmas and Aunt Wanda, Uncle Vision and Aunt Nat are the last to arrive. Basically just Wanda and Morgan talking with some plot!

  • One-shot Collection: Chris Evans
    110K 1.9K 17

    This is going to be a collection of one-shots with Chris Evans or any of the characters, all one-shots are unrelated and are in no peticular order. Read, vote comment... Appreciate all the support you guys give! :) (Any requests are welcome) :)

  • we shouldn't
    6.3K 121 8

    a friendship that evolves behind close doors

  • Justice League {ON HOLD}
    1K 41 5

    The gang goes to space. This plot line belongs to WritersBlock039. There will be dragons and dragon riders in this.

  • The Age of Heroes AU
    8.8K 488 62

    The Multiverse is in constant danger Lucky a new Dawn is upon it as The Age of Heroes Begins. Takes place on Earth 4

  • Tales of Emerald Steel
    17.4K 398 30

    No matter if you're here because you don't have anything else to do, are in love with the Emerald Steel ship or are trying not to fall asleep while your teacher is talking, I hope you're going to enjoy those little tales of the non-canon ship of CW's Arrowverse that I prefer. I welcome ideas anytime! I don't own any o...

  • Nothing left to lose (Super-Arrow/Kaliver)
    722 23 3

    "I have no family, I'm blind and i have no Spouce so go ahead Rhea kill me...i got nothing left to lose" At the age of 8 Kara Cavil's life changed forever. Kars was blinded by a lighting asteroid crashing onto earth. While recovering Kara learns she gains Superpowers based on lighting. Now as an adult Kara uses his h...

  • The Krypton's princess
    263 10 1

    This is a story that happens in Krypton, Oliver and Kara were both kryptonians , Barry and Caitlin too.

  • The Universe Hates Me
    43K 758 9

    Barry Allen watched his mother die. A year he is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. In high school he moves away but cannot remember what he did while in Ohio. But then some people from his past come to Central City. And he has to figure out what Sebastian did in those two years. "The universe must hate...

  • Another Secret...
    28K 434 5

    The cover sort of explains it, but because of ones I've read... THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON NOT TWINS. Now that that's out of the way...

  • When his past finds him
    72.5K 935 27

    Glee Flash crossover. Barry Allen is at work, when Santana comes in to report a mugging and her purse being stollen. She spots Barry and instantly knows it's Sebastian. What will happen? Will he be forgiven? Will the Warblers find out? *All Flash and Glee characters do not belong to me. Flash belongs to CW and Warne...

  • Secrets- Glee, Arrowverse, Shadowhunters Crossover COMPLETED
    17.5K 192 8

    Everyone finds out some secrets about their friends...

  • The Flash react One Shots
    26.4K 282 6

    Arrowverse Heroes watch clips from their future self these characters are wacthing from the time where 'Invasion' happened.

  • Watching the Flash
    35.7K 446 14

    Season 1 characters from Flash and playing season 1 from Arrow hope you enjoy Just so you know the scrip is different

  • The Games We Play
    1.6M 55.3K 30

    When Rocio's boyfriend invites his best friend on their trip to Ibiza, she thinks nothing of it--until his smoking hot body makes her think again. ***** The summer before her last year of university, Rocio plans a romantic, drama-free vacation to Ibiza with her boyfriend Axel. But nothing g...

  • The Locker Exchange
    26M 1M 51

    When Brynn finds herself accidentally sharing a locker with a misunderstood and popular bad boy, she can't help being pulled into a high-stakes mystery. ***** After discovering her newly assigned gym locker has no back wall -- so she's stuck staring...

  • Glee meets super flash
    1.5K 18 2

    Hi Barry and Kara meet and here leaving

  • A Superflash Story
    125K 2.4K 44

    What if Kara lived in Central City, what if she met Barry before the Flash and before Supergirl. How would their love develop. How would this change the dynamic. Watch as our favourite super duo fall in love, discover their powers, and become the most kick ass super couple of all time.

  • SuperFlash One-Shots
    5.1K 68 6

    Random collection of one shots about the scarlet speedster and the kryptonian

  • I'll always come back to you - Superflash
    10.6K 193 7

    This is The Flash season 3 (starting at the end of Episode 23 Season 2) but with Superflash instead of West-Allen and changes to the plot here and there. It will still feature Savitar and Flashpoint but it will also feature all main characters from Supergirl. (There will be changes to both shows plots beforehand, most...

  • love no matter what
    6.1K 118 10

    marley and sebastian are in opposite glee clubs but then sebastian falls in love with marley and they date but no one wants them to

  • Superbaby
    8.1K 141 8

    Supergirl and flash are best friends... with benefits?!?

  • Superflash: Believe in the Impossible
    26K 576 14

    Clark Kent didn't have it in him to be able to raise his newfound cousin. He decides to leave her with two of his most trusted allies.

  • My Warbler lover
    90 3 1

    ❇What will happen if a warbler falls inlove with a member from the new directions.❇ ❇A Sebastian smythe and marley rose fanfiction.❇ What if there friends dont approve of this new relationship This is my story and my cover. All characters belong to the show glee.

  • You Belong With Me /Part One
    11.1K 312 16

    This is a story about how Barry and Kara met in the past and discover how they fell in love in this unique story of how they first met in Ohio when they joined Glee. Some ideas will be my own and different from the shows.This will be an ongoing series.Prepare for an epic romantic adventure. This is also a solo project...

  • World's Collide // SuperFlash
    6.3K 182 11

    Kara's pod enters a breach and lands on Earth-1. ❝ Hello, Gideon... a lot has changed since then ❞ | Harry Wells All rights of characters and setting go to the show Supergirl All rights reserved to @KaraMon-El & my other account @divergentascendant Cover by |ME|

  • Who is Barry Allen? (Glee and Flash FF)
    91.2K 1.7K 23

    Sequel to "Who is Sebastian Smythe?" Barry Allen has had a rather complicated life so far. but what happens when old high school friends and acquaintances makes life a little more interesting. A Series of One Shots (So they're all in some sort of random order :D) I do not own Glee or Flash

  • The Origin of a Smythe
    2.5K 35 3

    Who is Sebastian Smythe really? Most of his past is unknown to his fellow Warblers. With little to know about Sebastian, Thad decides it's time for a background check. Will he be found out who Sebastian really is, or can Sebastian keep his past a secret?

  • Hiatus || Finding out their secrets Shadowhunters/Glee/Flash/Supergirl
    36.4K 425 11

    A girl named Kiera brings the characters of Shadowhunters, Glee, Flash and Supergirl to a theater to figure out their secrets. who has secrets Ryder/Adam Barry/Sebastian Blaine/Music Meister Kara/Marley Mike/Magnus