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  • Jayden Shiba's Little Sister
    19.4K 341 10

    Jessica Shiba is Jayden's little sister. Jessica is apart of a team that has previously had bad background history with the Samurai Rangers, but what will happen to the two teams as everything begins to change? Will Jessica be able to protect everyone, or will she have to choose between the two groups that she loves t...

  • The Mana Hero
    27.3K 523 20

    After time went by in the clover kingdom becoming a place of history one mage is born with magic to beat others and as he grows he'll gain more to his life than magic and learn more about the past

  • Rwby FutaHarem x Female Reader
    231K 2.7K 31

    I'm just making a fanfiction, I don't own any of these characters, pics, videos, gifs, and etc in this story, they belong to their rightful owners... well I do own the cane that's it the rest goes to the rightful owners.

  • Im Half Animatronic?!?!
    162 4 5

    Melody thought she was an regular girl. Until one day the kids at her elementary school tick her off. She changes. Not appearance wise but physically. She turns into an golden bunny. And the worse part is that her classmates seen it all. Now being called different and a freak, little Melody now has to find out about...

  • A Warriors Heart (Yandere Tigress And Viper x Human Child Reader)
    38.4K 852 16

    After a freak accident on a camping trip you find your way to a new world of ancient china, but it also has talking animals and being as you're a child that was separated from their parents you were scared and confused on what to do. To make matters when they spot you at first glance they think that you're a monster o...

  • Child male reader x Caring Blake Belladonna (RWBY)
    29K 276 11

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO ORIGINAL OWNERS. Blake is wandering around Vale when she hears crying. What will she find if she investigates? Only one way to find out, so hold onto your butts!

  • [1] Date a Live: My Best Friend (Kurumi Tokisaki x Male Reader)
    150K 2.6K 31

    Highest Ranking(s): #1 in animegirl, #1 in datealive, #2 in spirits Sequel: If you liked this book, go check out the sequel to it! Link above ^^ You have been friends with Kurumi Tokisaki ever since elementary. But is that really tr...

  • Connected Webs (Spider-Man Male Reader x RWBY)
    71.9K 791 38

    Before the deaths of Peter Parker and later Miles Morales on Remnant, (y/n) (l/n) gained some weird powers on a science trip from a radioactive spider on Patch. The lab exploded afterward. He was taken in by Peter and Miles to be trained as Spider-man. After their death, he vowed to protect Vale. Now he has taken up t...

  • Tokusatsu Heroes x Union Academy
    1.1K 16 4

    Heroes those describes as they protect the inocent no matter what but there's a dark secret: some heroes are greedy persons who they want fame and atention but there's one person who want diferent type of heroes, a boy named (Y/N) liked diferent of heroes named Ultraman, Kamen Riders, Super Sentai, Metal Heroes and Po...

  • RWBYK: Knights of Scala Vol. 1
    17.9K 301 16

    At Beacon Academy, young Huntsmen and Huntresses are taught and trained to protect the people and maintain the peace for all of Remnant's inhabitants. But there are enemies in the shadows binding their time, and secrets are being kept from the world. Follow the story of five students as they begin their journey to cha...

  • Honkai Impact 3rd Twin Stars
    14.2K 465 43

    What would Happen if Kiana had a twin, what if said twin would always be for her in her darkest moments? Well why don't you came and find out

  • Highschool dxd harem x Kamen rider ghost reader.
    69.4K 827 39

    Y/n L/n is just a normal person who gets attention to lots of girls in kuoh Academy and makes rivals with Issei and his friends but he doesn't what to make rivals he like to make friends. One day he save Issei from a falling angle and he realised there's more to Y/n then he thought.

  • Only For you (Sirin x Oc) Honkai Impact 3rd
    12.3K 305 14

    What If Sirin gives Humanity a Chance to prove, that Not all Humans are Bad/Evil. In this Story, Sirin stop's her onslaught on Humanity after her Battle with the Valkeries of the Far east branch. With a Clone of her Old body and her Normal Void Powers she also get's a human Servant, who should convince her, not to re...

  • Kouh's Void Drifter (Kiana Kaslana Female oc x Highschool Dxd)
    1.6K 14 2

    Honkai Impact 3rd x Highschool Dxd

  • The Ruby Reaper (Ruby Rose/Seele Vollerei Male x Honkai impact 3rd)
    1.8K 19 4

    Male Ruby Rose/Seele Vollerei Male x Honkai impact 3rd

  • (RvB Epsilon and RWBY crossover) Remnants of Epsilon
    52.8K 830 27

    After the events of Chorus, and the Staff of Charon, Epsilon has found himself in a strange new world with almost no memory of his past. Can he de-fragment himself and find a way back to his friends?

    Completed   Mature
  • RWBY chibi The Crimson triplets chibi
    1.3K 78 27

    Well here we go

  • Ranger Of Remnant ( Male Reader X RWBY Harem) - on pause-
    28.2K 366 14

    Y/n Mercer, Also know as the White Ranger, Keeps the peace of Remnant. He faces the forces of Grimm and the forces that serve Mesegog. Will Y/n be able to defend Remnant and those he cares about?

  • Remnant's Defender (male reader x rwby)
    11.7K 192 5

    Remnant has been trying to fight a never ending war against the Grimm and how with the White Fang terrorists it seems that no huntsman can handle. But for one teen who has been chosen by the blade of unknown origins to become the new Magna Defender and now with new powers and look he will up hold the legacy of the Mag...

  • Help from a Pirate
    26K 218 8

    Neglected and Abused Gokaiger Reader X RWBY

  • Pretty Cure Healin Good x Super Sentai Ryusoulger Red
    1K 18 1

    Kayato Azumi. A young boy who has arrived in a new town. But, what will happen when an incredible threat only he and his fellow Ryusoulgers can deal with? A threat like none this world have ever faced! Can he do this on his own when his teammates are elsewhere? Can he combat the threat known as the Druidon Tribe? Or w...

  • Ruby X Male reader (Spider-Man) Volume 2
    6.9K 62 10

    This is the sequel to the first story i wrote so i hope you guys enjoy.

  • Ruby rose x male reader ( Spider-Man)
    17.5K 183 10

    so um im kinda into this ship since I first saw this pic. Also I dont own RWBY or Spider-Man this is something that I would try to make for fun. Enjoy the story. Also if you want to learn more of what the story is its in the introduction.

  • The Return (Spider-Man Reader x RWBY)
    8.8K 174 5

    The continuation of 'The Jewelled Spider' Characters and Photos are not mine

  • The Jeweled Spider (RWBY - Spider-Man Reader Crossover)
    143K 1.4K 25

    What happens when team RWBY of Beacon Academy is sent to deal with Roman Torchwic and finds it already taken care of? Plus with the new student (Y/N) (L/N), how will things change for the girls? Will a romance sprout? Or something more confusing and mysterious?

  • Heros dont need an academy. (Spiderman male reader x rwby)
    55.5K 581 13

    Disclaimer: I dont own spiderman or rwby spiderman is owned by mavel entertainment rwby is owned by rooster teeth support the original releases A/n: You guys asked so here it is spiderman story second try soo yeah lets do this :)

  • Smile Precure x Kamen Rider Saber [Powerful OC] [OC x Harem]
    2.3K 50 4

    With the appearance of the one's known as Precure, can a young man holding the title of Kamen Rider Saber hope to cope with all his adversities? Follow along as he embarks on a dangerous and exciting adventure! A journey involving a world known as the Wonder World and the Book of Ancients! You can be sure his story is...

  • Super Sentai Gokai Red Male x Pretty Cure Star Twinkle
    2.8K 48 4

    What happen when a red space pirate arrives on Earth? Why is he here? What is his goal? Who are these new powerful enemies? Little do the people of Earth know, these new enemies are far more than they could ever fathom! And the only one that can stop them... Is the one known as Gokai Red!

  • Swords out to the happy end! (Kamen rider Saber x Smile Pretty cure)
    3K 50 6

    Marchenland. A land where all Fairy tales live. All fairy tales have one thing in common; their Happy endings. However, one day, an evil force known as the Bad End Kingdom teamed with a terrifying force known as Calibur, and wiped out all of the Happy endings. Using the last of her strength, the Royal Queen put King P...

  • Kamen Rider Build X Overwatch: Hero's with fullbottles
    14.1K 282 18

    Many years ago Y/n and Kumi were childhood friends in the past until Kumi moved away. Years later Y/n was given a build Driver and fullbottles by a mysterious man that tolled Y/n to bring back Overwatch and search for a artifact called Pandora's box. During Y/n's journey he find Kumi after all these years trying to es...