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  • Music Academy
    3.5M 170K 70

    My first Teen/Melodrama story Her name is Cindy Gonzales and this is her journey to Music Academy

  • He Doesn't Share
    19.5M 653K 48

    Ingrid is being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She thinks he's a psycho and is deeply afraid of him. However, her curiosity got the better of her, which made her seek him instead. She doesn't anticipate that by doing so, she has given him the power to mess her up so bad and turn her world upside down. RNS#1 A novel...

  • Trapped With Him
    23.8M 720K 48

    Jesusa, a homeless girl in Quiapo, Manila, luckily caught the eyes of Damon Montemayor, a young boy who happens to be from a prestigious family. Her life has changed from that moment on. She's indebted to him and greatly appreciates his clan's support and help. Her gratitude, though is not enough for him - as he wants...

  • His Indecent Proposal: Lander Montenegro
    22.1M 645K 34

    She was kidnapped by the mafia prince, Lander Montenegro, at the age of five. She must hate him for ruining her life, pero nang makaharap ni Aviona ang kanyang abductor ay hindi galit ang namayani sa puso niya... kundi paghanga. Paghanga sa kulay asul at walang awang mga mata nito. And despite of the monstrous things...

  • It Started in the Elevator✔️
    30.3M 521K 58

    All that Cynthia ever wanted was to find a rich man to be her husband, but she started falling for Leo who was a handsome, naughty, and sweet colleague, yet a poor man. ***** Cynthia Fatima Dimagiba was a self-proclaimed gold-digger as she was already fed up being unwanted and poor after being orphaned a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Insanus
    1.9M 61.8K 23

    "If you think you are safe... think again." Mysterious things happened after Cristina had an accident. She often saw a scary woman who was defiled and had no face. At hindi lang siya ang nakakakita rito, at nakakaranas ng kakaibang pangyayari sa bahay nila. Lahat sila ay pini-peste ng babaeng ito na may nabubulok na...

  • Casa Inferno (The heart's home)
    4.8M 211K 33

    "...and the devil fell in love with you, the way he loves hell." This novel is inspired by real events. Highest rank in horror: Top 1 Highest rank in Paranormal: Top 1

  • I Love You, ARA
    24.3M 647K 35

    Based on true story. A psychological Romance-Horror-Paranormal novel by Jamille Fumah. Please read with caution. Highest rank: Consistent #1 both in horror and paranormal 2015-start of 2016.

  • The God Has Fallen
    6.5M 202K 77

    Karma comes for the city young billionaire Rogue Saavedra in the unlikeliest of ways when he becomes stranded on a secluded island with Jane, a jungle woman. *** When city billionaire bachelor Rogue Saavedra finds himself stranded on a secluded island after his luxury yacht gets lost in the ocean, he realizes that kar...

  • Babysitting the Billionaire
    43.2M 1.2M 64

    Rosenda crosses path with a hot stranger who's suffering from some sort of mental illness yet seems to understand her pain and longing. She decides to take him in, babysit him, and eventually falls in love when him. She then finds out that he is way out of her league when she learns that he is Terrence Montemayor-Saa...