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  • The All Powerful Omni-Saiyan In RWBY
    291K 4.2K 41

    You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Saiyan God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however you passed on the title because you were bored of being the Omni King. You are Y(N) and this is your journey as you try to graduate Beacon Academy. Unfortunately, circumstances force you into more trouble...

  • Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long Volume 3- Fate Cries Foul
    122 5 1

    With the Vytal Festival Tournament here, Team AZRE and their leader Y/N represent Beacon Academy. Alongside their fights, Richard still trains with his powers under a new mentor, who takes an interest in Y/N as well. However, a dark force hidden under their noses has set a trap in place for them and the other students...

  • When duty calls (Male reader X Winter schnee)
    20.6K 225 21

    An idea i've been entertaining for alittle while. The reader is a former Atlas soldier who came to Beacon to help teach. It's an alternative story arc where beacon never fell. I'll try to add on and tweak when i can. Would love to hear any coments you have. Have a good read!

  • Male Reader x RWBY: Volume 4
    11.9K 243 6

    Beacon has fallen and lives have been shattered. The world needs saving, but first (F/N) and Yang must win the battle within themselves.

  • The Devil, The Rose, and The Raven
    121K 2K 24

    (y/n) (l/n) is convinced that he works better by himself. But, when he comes to Beacon, imagine his shock when he learns that he doesn't get to have that choice. After the initiation, he's placed on a team called STRQ. How does he react when he starts to fall for someone, as someone falls for him?

  • Gamer Reborn: Remnant (Silver Eyed Gamer X RWBY)
    1.8K 124 4

    (Y/n) was an ordinary boy living his peaceful life on Earth or so he how wants you to think, (Y/n) was by far an ordinary boy he was in fact mysterious, someone who lives multiple lives. He was an Assassin, a politician, a Special Op member, a professional gamer and entertainer, a High school student and many more. If...

  • Burning Gold (MHA X MALE READER)
    103K 3.2K 45

    (y/n) is a kid with a fiery temper and an equally fiery Quirk. After getting expelled from a hero academy in America, (y/n) is sent to UA high. There he meets someone he never wanted to see again. A new school, a new country, and an entirely new life. How will it shape up? Will (y/n) overcome the burdens of the past...

  • Erza x reader 《Thunder God Of Fairytail 》
    187K 2.6K 26

    This is the story of (Y/n) (L/n) and his adventures along with his friends from fairytail where he will embark on many journeys and experiences all sorts of new exploits,one of which he falls for the Queen Of the Fairies. He is also a Dragon Slayer. The real deal Lightning Dragon Slayer. Where Laxus's father research...

  • Another Rose For The Garden (Silver eyed Male Reader X RWBY)
    84.9K 1.9K 27

    (Y/N) wasn't your typical boy next door, He was adventurous and had fun poking danger wherever it may hide Those who have met this boy describe him as a kind and innocent soul Other than the fact that at the mere age of 10 he has already been to the four kingdoms quite the adventurous lad indeed. What happens when th...

  • My Time Has Passed (RWBY X Legendary Huntsman Male Reader)
    99.2K 1.5K 14

    (Y/N), The Greatest Huntsman of All Time, have been a hero to everyone in Remnant for quite some time now. Your militaristic training and ideals has shaped the 4 kingdoms permanently. The faunus believes that you will one day take them out of their oppressive captors. The White Fang respects you for your deeds, hoping...

  • The Journey Continues (Male Bender x Legend of Korra)
    79.9K 4.1K 32

    The Journey continues is the sequel to my "To Save The World" Avatar Story. With the fire lord defeated and peace brought to the world, the avatar's Journey and the Journey of his allies is finished. But half a century has passed and a new journey begins. Can you teach an Old Badger Mole new tricks? Find out, In the...

  • A Demon walking amongst the earth( Male Demon Reader X Kill La Kill)
    57K 1.1K 23

    Ryuko Matoi was transferring to Honnoji academy, but when she isn't the only transfer student joining her in her class. Another Teen is joining her, he's cold and is handsome in her eyes. But what she doesn't know is what he is or what he did, he has also caught the attention of Satsuki. Who is this transfer student a...

  • Katara x male reader A Duo's destiny ATLA
    205K 3.4K 46

    Y/N grew up in the South Pole as long he can remember. alongside his two best friends Katara and Sokka During the 100 year war Y/N lost someone close to him during the southern raiders assault. Which left him bitter towards the fire nation Katara however still remains hopeful that the Avatar will return to bring bal...

  • Dragon Fibers (Kill la Kill. Ryuko X OC Grand Chariot reader. )
    92.8K 1.1K 24

    Nhzual Hatake is a 17 year old boy who is in possession of one of two swords that has the power to summon the powers of an ancient creature called a Danger Beast. And Nhzual is currently on the search for the welder of the other sword and killer of his mother, His older brother. After two years his search brings him t...

  • Kill la Kill: The Power Within (Male Reader x Ryuko Matoi)
    136K 1.9K 25

    (Y/n) is the new transfer student at Honnouji Academy. But he's not like any ordinary student. (Y/n) is what you call a "special case". He is very strong and smart, however, he doesn't like to fight unless provoked. Now how will things fair, once he encounters a certain Kamui wearing girl, with a red scissor blade. W...

  • Devil Rising (Demon Lord Reader)
    7K 365 16

    A new Demon Lord rises and is born from the ashes of a cruel fate along with his close childhood friend and companion Eve, a stunningly beautiful and seductive woman who only has her eyes set on her Lord. Both survived an attack on their home and witnessed the deaths of their loving families. Together they survived to...

  • Broken Gamer (Abused Reader X Rwby) 18+
    106K 2.3K 16

    F/N L/N was adopted by the Xiao Long Family. He has no knowledge of his birth parents but he know one thing. He hates his adoptive family, his step father to be specific. He used to hate his sisters until his semblance allowed him to see the reason behind their abuse on him. What was his semblance? The Gamer. I'm sure...

  • 『bnha x reader textfic』
    485K 11.7K 41

    Why are you like this ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ start- August 19, 2019 end- ??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ cover by @JochaTara : ) thank you so much <3

  • The Eighth Sin
    381K 9.8K 59

    (Meliodas x Reader) The Seven Deadly Sins. They're betrayers of the realm, guilty of crimes, murdering the Holy Knight Grandmaster, and attempting to overthrow the kingdom. Right? Y/N, the forgotten Eighth Sin, knows the truth, and she'll stick by Meliodas' side through anything! She thinks that she knows everything...

  • Parallel Gamer of DxD
    313K 7.3K 27

    After giving his life to save another, (Y/N) wakes up after a month long coma to find he sees life in a completely new way. Being granted the powers of the Gamer, (Y/N) seeks to master his power before returning to Kuoh Academy in one month. How will he deal with the supernatural world once they discover his amazing p...