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  • All The Smol Things {Prinxiety}
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    Virgil is a secret little and has been for quite some time. He's always been scared to tell anyone because he's afraid they'll think he's weird or think it's a stupid way to cope. But he regresses mainly because of his mental health and his troubling past, and regressing is the perfect coping mechanism for him. TW: Po...

  • Sippy cups and flower crowns
    3.2K 114 8

    Because of anxiety, Virgil has been an age regressor for a while now. But he is too scared to tell the other sides. What happens when a certain prince finds his long-kept secret? No pictures are mine unless stated so. Mostly all found off of Pinterest if you're looking for some cute fanart. Ships- Prinxiety, Logical...

  • Little Space Sides Headcanons
    25.1K 873 35

    Headcanons about the sides as little (and daddies) from my new tumblr blog -> Feel free to suggest headcanons in the comments or PM me :)

  • Little Space Sides One Shots
    2.8K 79 2

    One shots about about the sides in little space (and as daddies taking care of the littles). Some are SFW, some are NSFW. Warnings at the start of each one shot. Come visit me on tumblr:

  • Little Space Sides Drabbles
    9.5K 277 6

    A collection of drabbles about the sides as littles (and daddies). Most likely SFW (NSFW ones will be marked at the start of that drabble). Visit me on Tumblr ->