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  • The Plan | Donatello x Reader
    30.4K 1.3K 26

    "That-that-that wasn't part of the plan!!" -------------- Donnie is definitely a planner. And the plan (this time) was simple: Get the human girl to the lab, make a memory-wiping drug, give her the drug, give her sleeping pills, and get her back to the surface. She wouldn't remember seeing t...

  • T-Cest One Shot Collection [Requests Closed for now]
    10K 254 15

    I will take requests of any kind as long as they are T-Cest OR yaoi with Casey or Slash. . . yeah. ~No OC's, No Gender-Bend, No M-Preg, No ships with Splinter or April or Karai or any of their enemies ~To request (!!!REQUESTS ARE CLOSED RIGHT NOW!!!), comment or message me: ~~1-the ship(s) you...

  • RAPHIANGELO one shots! Read description!
    3.1K 71 5


  • Mikey's Second Chance, Sequel to: My New Form
    10.6K 506 24

    You had witness what has happen to young Michelangelo in My New Form. But now, he's been given a second chance. Secret and powerful ancestors had given this young turtle a second chance to live again, as a 6 year old turtle who was flushed away by his owners parent. But the only problem is, he won't remember who he wa...

  • Donnie X Reader || Shot In The Heart
    42.7K 1.8K 37

    Things go seriously wrong during Donnie and April's hangout together one night when April gets shot and killed by a wanted criminal. This leaves Donnie completely devastated and depressed. He tells himself that he will never fall in love again, since April was the only girl he loved. But this may all change when a gir...

  • Can't Help Myself (DonniexMikey)
    31.3K 1.2K 13

    Mikey has feelings for Donnie, but is nervous to tell him. He is able to hide his feelings well, but his patience will be tested when he realized what Donnie's crush, April, is doing. It's pretty obvious that Donnie likes April, even she knows it. And that's why she uses his crush to her advantage. Mikey may seem on t...

  • Donnie X Reader || My Favorite Turtle
    85.4K 3.9K 36

    When you were 7 years old, you got a special present for your birthday: a new pet turtle! You were overjoyed to have a new pet! You named him Donnie. You two would be EVERYWHERE together. He was like your little best friend. Suddenly, your little friendship with him gets cut short after you lose Donnie, and you don't...

  • TMNT 2012: Mikey's Transformation (Mikey into human story)
    52.3K 2.2K 33

    What happens when the kraang experiments on Mikey and he turns HUMAN!?!?!?!? He doesn't remember anything or anyone. Will his brothers get him back to his old turtle self? Okay this is not my idea!!!!! I am basing this story off of an awesome book: I am mikey (human TMNT) by @cartoonbunnyqueen !!!!!!! It has the same...

  • Cupid (TCEST)
    12.7K 464 6

    Mikey and Donnie, can't help but notice the fearless leader and the hot-head spending a lot of time together. So, one day they decide to play Cupid, and get those two together, meaning they are spending time together! So, when Raph and Leo see the smart brother and the Pranking brother hanging out more often, they dec...

  • TMNT TCEST ONE SHOTS!!! *Taking Requests*
    3.4K 60 8

    Basically just a bunch of random TCEST one shots I come up with xP So enjoy and feel free to give Requests!!!

  • Welcome To Swag-punk High
    42.8K 833 22

    " Welcome to Swag-punk high!" " Not like your normal school woth drama,in fact IT'S WORSE! " Hahahahaha! " with 8 turtle heart throbs of the school and you trying to make friends with them HOW ARE YOU GONNA SURVIVE!~" " but luck for you~ you made eight friends along the way of surviving the drama filled school life" ...

  • Fifty Shades of Green (TMNT Fanfic)
    33K 1.6K 26

    Winner of Most Interesting Crossover in the TMNT Fanfic Awards 2016!!! Shy and reserved Donatello Yoshi doesn't expect much when he walks into a job interview at Hamato Incorporations, one of the richest businesses in the country- and then hired by the mysterious and handsome corporate executive, Leonardo. Donnie doe...

  • The Turtles
    431 22 3

    Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello are best friends who are trying to become a world-famous band. They have the singer Leo, The electric guitar player Raph and the bass player Donnie. There have been noticed by a manager and could be going on stage, there's only one problem. They've only got one week to find a drum playe...

  • Raphangelo Oneshots
    19.2K 639 27

    Requests, or Freewrites of The ship Raph x Mikey. I've always loved the ship and I'm sure you Raphangelo shippers do too. This will contain some heartfelt moments, terror, heartbreak, love and most of all Yaoi. So if Yaoi doesn't float your boat, do us all yaoi shippers a favor and sail your ships somewhere else. We d...

  • Arranged (tcest fanfic)
    28.7K 1.2K 31

    Arranged marriages are terrible things. Who wants to marry someone they don't love? Who you hate with your entire entity after a childhood of disasters? The year is 1942 in an alternate dimension where the turtles are forced to intermarry in order to "save their species" and their offspring is to be delivered to earth...

  • Non-Mutation (Book Four)
    42.3K 2.8K 38

    "You're weird too, Raphael. But...I like weird." Her anger has built over the years, festering inside of her like a disease with no cure. It is dragon fire with a heat that nothing can extinguish. She sees red, the colour that has always fuelled her reckless determination, hidden her fear, and coloured her hair. When...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tcest Oneshots
    17.9K 235 6

    I take requests c;

  • Forest Mutation (Book Two)
    123K 6.6K 73

    "In Saskatchewan, when I couldn't fall asleep, I'd watch the moon and think about how across the country and over the border, you were probably out on a rooftop beneath the same moon. You were the first person I enjoyed the moon with. Every other time, I was alone." The Kraang's plot to take over New York has succeede...

  • Same As It Never Was (TMNT 2012 Short Story)
    7.2K 467 9

    Donatello didn't know what to expect. One moment, he's wishing his family and his girlfriend goodnight, the next he's waking up in a desolate and unfamiliar place. His home is destroyed and broken, his family is scattered, and the intelligent turtle knows that he has to do something to wake himself from this nightmare...

  • TCest Oneshots
    9.4K 220 15

    A series of short oneshots involving tcest/turtle x turtle for the TMNT 2012 universe. Content will include tooth rotting fluff, smut, and some gore, it all depends on my mood. (Warning) If you are not comfortable and/or are against the idea of the turtles loving each other/yaoi please don't read. And don't flag me...

  • Remember. [TMNT 2012]
    71.7K 4.2K 72

    [Book 1 of the Coldblooded Compassion series] "Game on." She didn't ask for this. She didn't want to be pulled into the cruel, evil shadows of the world. She tried to be a good person to both her mother and younger brother. She even stifled angry thoughts of her father, the heartless man who abandoned the fam...

  • Rapid Sewer Water
    12.7K 551 16

    After a fight between Leo and Raph, Raph storms off into the sewers. Mikey goes after him to find himself and Raph falling down a sewer waterfall. They wake up in a different place. They have no idea where they are and Raph is stuck with Mikey. How long can Raph take without going insane? Read and Find out. a little R...

  • I See You (Leo x Blind Child)
    263 6 16

    While on patrol on night, Leo comes across a girl , named Leyline, who encountered the purple dragons. But what Leo found strange was that Leyline didn't react at all. She was looking around like she didn't know where anything was. Leo, as usual, comes in and saves her from the dragons. But he didn't expect for the gi...

  • Raphie X Mikey
    14.3K 447 18

    Begins in sadness ends in true passion.,

  • Dimensions Crossing
    20.2K 412 13

    The tmnt punks and 2012 turtles doing couple stuff. That is all.

  • Their Little Ninja (A TMNT little sister fanfic!)
    110K 2.6K 31

    Have you ever met a girl that lives in the sewers, has a mutated rat as her father/sensei, and four teenage mutant ninja turtles as her big brothers? Well, you just did! Hi, My name's Samantha, but I'd prefer Sam. I have really long and wavy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and...

  • Hidden Scars
    12.7K 474 7

    "I just wanna stop the scars that grow. Every time that I go home," baby blue eyes gazed over the ledge. It was then that Mikey knew that was only one way out of this, to be free from all this pain. What happens when the lovely ball of sunshine begins to diminish? When Mikey begins to feel darkness slowly consuming...

  • Together As Mutants (Book Six) [UNDER MAJOR EDITING]
    205K 9.7K 132

    New York is at peace. Shredder has been defeated, his minions scattered, and the Kraang have been neutralized. The threat of Mutacorp is no more. The Purple Dragons still operate in the slummy alleyways of the great city, but with no one to pay them for work, they pose little danger. Even the looming threat of Circa C...

  • Steamy Nights (Tcest One-Shots)
    24.2K 381 4

    (MATURE CONTENT) Features every tcest ship starting with raphanardo, then raphangelo, leotello, raphatello, mikatello, leoangelo Art: Ashitarimai

  • A Dream Come True? ✔️
    2.9K 184 20

    One day 4 girls are watching the 2012 show, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and are sucked into their TV! They have to find a way to get back home but then they start to get feelings for the turtles. Will they reveal their true feelings for the turtles?! Will they get back home in time?! Will they even wanna go home?! ...