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  • We are Brothers for Life
    9.3K 735 11

    The cons after Mahendra Singh Dhoni declare his retirement. How his kids tackle such unexpected shock? How they'll get over this? How there mahi bhai will assure them that come what may he'll always remain there mahi bhai and they remain his kids?

  • He is my cheeku always....(Completed)
    11.2K 698 17

    About Rohirat,mahirat This amazing cover by @Niyati25

  • Being protective little brothers
    5.1K 470 6

    Rohit is 'injured', so he's not part of any of the squads. Well... Mayank is also injured as far as Jassi and Harry know. And HE was named in all three squads. RCB quota? Politics? Virat? VIRAT didn't select the whole team as far as Rahul knows. Just a story of Rahul, Jassi and Harry being...well...protective little b...

  • Indian cricket team one shots
    11.1K 510 12

    Just one shots on our dear Indian cricket team.

  • Trust is all that matters
    7.4K 444 9

    "Breaking someone's trust is like crumpling a perfect piece of can smooth it over but it's never gonna be same again." A emotional story of Virat and his kiddos who are so close to each other like brothers but misunderstanding break it all. "Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who wants...

    13.5K 819 16

    Peep inside to know more Cover pic by @Niyati25

  • The Great Phoneswap Fiasco
    399 37 2

    when virat's phone gets exchanged with another virat's phone dhmaaka is bound to happen...... peep in to know more... Started on: 24/12/2020

  • A very good team
    6.1K 402 8

    As Rahul was walking by the room of the recent addition to their family, namely Rishab Pant, where he found some type of discussion going between the new kiddos namely Rishab, Shreyash Iyer, Shivam Dube, Navdeep Saini, Sanju Samson and Shubman Gill. He knew he shouldn't eavesdrop, eavesdropping isn't right but he cou...

  • MahiRat Tales Collection
    6.1K 459 7

    The title describes the book the best. This book is solely for Mahirat shots. It may be OS, two shots or even short story. Do give it a try!

  • One for All, All for one
    2.9K 240 4

    Family is not defined by blood, it's defined by the people you will bleed for.

  • MahiRat oneshots/short stories
    10.2K 458 6

    It's exactly what the the name says...

  • MAHIRAT - A bond to cherish!
    4.2K 248 4

    This is a short MahiRat story. We all know how much Virat respects MS and they are more like brothers than mere teammates. What if Virat doesn't realize and hurt his Mahi Bhai? How will he make it up? Please do give this story a try! Hope you all will like it!

  • The Haunted House
    14.6K 1.3K 26

    § COMPLETED § Knock knock.... The door opened to show a grand house well lit up with lamps and decorated magnificently showcasing it's grandeur... But wait there's no one in the house who's maintaining it then??? Something's fishy.... Dive into this ICT's madhouse adventure!!! Cover by : Niyati25

  • Chessy idiots ...
    537 55 1

    15 Aug 2020...

  • ~Bambiana And The Famous Six~
    838 69 2

    It was supposed to be a fun relaxing trip. They were supposed to be swimming, dancing, singing and wandering.They were here to be free. A baby wasn't supposed to be dumped on them. They weren't supposed to run haggard trying to figure out why does a baby cry??? They weren't supposed to sing Rhymes and learn about baby...

  • The roleplay book
    212 18 2

    Are you intrigued by the title? Are you pondering what's this all about? Think no more,dear, for we welcome you to a world of imagination. Where thee can be whatever thee wishes to be? Did the title of the book ring some bells in thou minds? We welcome thee to the roleplay book.

  • A Special Chocolate cake
    1.4K 118 2

    With time we grow up...Some fast...some slow... some won't grow up ever. But does growing up mean we would never want to be a kid again? May no... At some particular point... we want to be a kiddo again... And we go that one person who can treat us like a kiddo again

  • Only you
    2.2K 139 2

    Can the most secured man ever get jealous?

  • MSD - ICT's Big Brother
    24.7K 1K 15

    Short stories and one shots that focus on the beautiful bond that oor beloved MSD and shares with other members of the team... The main characters will be Virat, Rohit, Hardik, Pant, Chahal, Jaddu, Bhuvi, Jasprit and other members of Indian cricket team. Ideas and suggestions are welcome... Cover made by @AwesomeShivu

  • Under the Stone Armour
    1K 107 2

    Even the seemingly strongest people have a weakness. There's a heart hiding under that stone armour Sir Ravindra Jadeja keeps around himself all the time.

  • The crack within
    19.6K 755 17

    This just a really emotional story about ICT and how some ill wishers try of our beloved team try to break the team apart by breaking one of its strongest members, MSD. It's a story about trust, misunderstanding and redemption. How even the best of us can be broken by a simple misunderstanding. Hope you guys will like...

  • A bond of lifetime
    17.9K 1K 19

    "Meant to be" words that usually are used for couples and soulmates but can it be used for friendship too? Is it true that some people are meant to be our friends, our mates, our chosen family? How we become friends in the first place? What makes us best friends? How we just click with some people? They didn't know t...

  • Yuzi's ridiculous discovery
    2.5K 248 3

    What happens when the ICT suddenly comes across the story 'The Ring Fiasco' written by DreamerTani on Wattpad? 😜

  • ..Coming together..(Completed ✔️)
    22.5K 1K 12

    In the end he wanted to take back his words, in the end all of them wanted to take their words back but sometimes somethings can't be unsaid no matter how much we wish them to be. The team felt just that when they knew their Captain was hospitalised, when they knew he was badly hurt and they weren't there. They wanted...

  • The Trip and the Jubilant Turn
    16.5K 1.4K 17

    A Test match vs West Indies in Dharamshala gets abandoned on the very second day due to severe rain. In the long gap before the next match, the ICT decide to go on a trip to Dhauladhar hills. The normal trip turns extremely memorable with the intervention of a special guest!

  • All Those Moments
    28.2K 1.7K 25

    Just a collection of the million and one moments when the Men in Blue post 2013 made us smile...

  • Best Friend's Hurt
    7.4K 390 6

    Rohirat are the best of friends. But what happen when Rohit snapped at Virat for the 3rd person due to a misunderstanding and this hurt Virat like anything😔😢 . How their relation will mend? Will they became rohirat again?

  • Tough love
    7.5K 469 11

    Mahi Bhai atlast has enough of RohiRat's frequent childish fights and decides to give them a little harsh reality check.

  • Taking it too far...(On Hold)
    4.6K 333 5

    A Rohirat prank on Mahi Bhai goes horribly wrong.

  • Hurt Not Jealous
    1.9K 62 2

    ⚫ Another Mahirat Fanfiction yayyyy!!! ⚫Just a Fiction.