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  • Humsafar ~ Arranged by Fate
    343K 40.4K 27

    An Unexpected Alliance.... A journey from Husband and Wife to Humsafar..... Manik and Nandini's Dastaan-e-Mohabaat...!!

    16.4K 922 5

    nandini -19 years old girl abonded by everyone, illegitimate child of Mr.murthy ,she is independent ,innocent, does part time job as an RJ ,no one knows who is she ,how does she looks ? except one person navya ,her best friend.step sister of aliya murthy manik malhotra -24 years old guy ceo of malhotra industries...

  • His Little Love
    104K 7.4K 24

    "She will always be my Little Love."

  • Loved but not forgiven ✅
    462K 48.1K 67

    A journey of MaNan where they love each other but they can't forgive.... When you choose your happiness by making a mistake you bear the consequences

  • Connected souls - Love Never Dies
    763K 88.9K 132

    (Warning: This book will make you aww on almost every chapter, will make you cry at sad times and you are gonna laugh out loud at some points. So be aware) What do you think What is Love? World's most amazing feeling!!?? Trust!!?? Friendship!!?? Naah...Love is beyond these words. Love is when you look into his/her ey...

  • Kyy: Life After Musicana.[✔️Completed]
    128K 15.6K 28

    Well the name says it all.. Peep in to know more. [ HIGHEST RANK: #1 in SHORT STORIES ON 21st November 2017- 20th January 2018 Rank # 2 on 19th-20th November 2017 Rank # 4 on 18th November 2017 Rank # 8 on 17th November 2017 Rank #12 on 16th November 2017 Rank #71 on 15th November 2017] Cast: Par...

  • Something About You
    79.6K 8.5K 46

    A Happy family. Sudden changes leave everything broken. He is a mystery. She is transparent as water. She loves everyone. But he cares only about himself. A Bluff, a mystery, a heart-break. She will survive or He will fall ? They are here to destroy her . But will they get successful ?? Nandini Moorthy never knew Ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Covenant--A Pact Of Love [ in editing] .[✔️COMPLETED]
    648K 77.8K 95

    [HIGHEST RANK - #1 in FANFICTION. On 28/03/2018 #1 in FANFICTION 13/03/2018] Kaisi Yeh a different style.

  • MaNan SS: Befikra!
    295K 38K 37

    Once upon a time there was a BOY! ;)

  • His Wife ✔️
    433K 38.8K 53

    Just like fairy tales, Manik and Nandini have everything perfect in their life when they get into a relationship. But is being in a relationship everything? There are hurdles, trust issues, problems, insecurities, enemies and so much more waiting for them, but one thing that they believe will remain unchanged is their...

  • KAB TAK ?
    826K 75.7K 102

    How does it feel? When you are betrayed by the one, who promised to love you forever?... Heart breaking right? What if i take you to the journey of broken souls! ... Love still exists,But can the past deeds be forgotten? .. Let's come together to witness the betrayal love story of manik and...

  • WedLock ~ Union of Two Souls
    311K 34K 32

    Story revolves around 2 individuals with shattered hearts,both lost the one they loved! Both don't even want to move-on ,they are still stuck over past! What happens when they are tied in a sacred bond calling Marriage? Starring Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra And Niti Taylor as Nandini Murthy. - Cover credits: Fabih...

  • The Trip [ A MaNan SS]
    9.2K 1K 27

    They were blissfully in love. The only problem was DISTANCE. Not actually a problem precisely but something that they didn't like. She went to a trip. But an unexpected trip and something unexpected happened. Will they make through it? To know about it just peep in😉

  • MananFF~Flawless✔️
    130K 8.7K 59

    How will the future be framed when the one you love is on dead bed.... Peep in to know !

  • Hamesha..With A TWIST. [✔✔COMPLETED✔✔]
    212K 27.5K 46

    A complete different version of Kyy... ...peep in to know more.❤️❤️

    Completed   Mature
    668K 93.3K 144

    THE MOST CLICHE STORY EVER😜😜 **Certain chapters of this story has been inspired from various K-dramas and C-dramas as I love them to the core for which due credits has been given at the end of each chapter--wherever they have been used** **Cover Was taken from Google..however if anyone knows who the real editor of t...

  • HUMSAFAR ........ where love finds a destinaion
    116K 6.7K 40

    The Story is going through some changes and editing Ranked #86 in fanfiction ... In 26/06/2017 1st story of "darkness enlighten series" A like never before love story of our very own Manan --- Manik and Nandini. The story starts 3 years after the talent hunt, where fab5 was broken by their mutual decision ... A story...

  • MaNan: It was love
    500K 20.1K 28

    This is a fan fiction based on the youth show Kaisi Yeh yaariaan- popularly known as KYY. --------- The story revolves around Nandini Murthy- a twenty two year old beautiful girl who successfully runs a music institute in London. She has had many dark phases in her life which includes losing the love of her life. Th...

  • MaNan- Faded Scars
    69.8K 6.7K 20

    2.1# In such a sophisticated universe Manik Malhotra is a powerful and arrogant Business man who controls the life of his people in ways favorable to him but not long as a free-spirited and determined Fashion designer Nandini Murthy pops up one day at his luxurious office to assist his team in costume designing which...

  • MaNan : Forever And A Day || Completed
    710K 86.2K 72

    Note: Previously known as 'A Star-crossed Love' ****Can be read as a general fiction. If you want an arrange marriage tale with humor, emotions and love, hop in right away**** Love is supposed to be a beautiful feeling, and that's doesn't stick true only to romantic love. Every kind of love, friendship and family, ro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Missed✅
    110K 12.9K 16

    A Happy Couple A Happy Marriage But life goes brutal Really? Is it life or....?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bachelor
    123K 12.1K 31

    Manik Malhotra-the only son of India's leading business tycoon, is famous for his short temper and numerous flings. His name makes regular headlines in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons! What happens when his family's plan to do some damage control about his image becomes more than he can handle? Curious? Read t...

  • MaNan-Meant to be
    49.3K 2.1K 15

    this is a story based on the tv serial MTV Kaisi yeh yariyaan... It is about Manik and Nandini and their journey fromfriends to bestfriends and then falling in love ....Read on to find out what happens

  • Love... What Bullshit!!!
    616K 74.9K 107

    Two unknown people... Both incomplete in their own ways!!! Will they be able to complete each other?? Fill in the problems and accept their importance in each other's life.... To get down their walls and let someone in!!! But then the problem is, neither of the two believe in Love. Read onto this new story, to peak...

  • Khamoshiyaan - A MaNan SS.
    10.7K 1.3K 11

    ~ silences have secrets too ~ Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Sparks fly. Love blossoms and it's happily ever after. Stop right there, that's totally not how the word 'love' turned out to be for Manik Malhotra and Nandini Murthy. Manik Malhotra; successful and sorted. Nandini Murthy : chaotic and messed up. One t...

  • ONE LAST TIME (Discontinued)
    114K 5.2K 25

    Welcome to my version of Kaisi Yeh Yariyaan Season 2. It gets darker. It gets deeper. It gets wilder. . . . . Buckle your seat belts, because you are in for one hell of a ride. Again. With love, P.S