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  • Lekha
    84K 5.4K 89

    Lekha is an orphan who has quite a fascination for all things connected with Rajasthan(India). The fascination comes to life as she is pulled into the century when the Mughals and Rajputs are in a tussle over Rajwara (Rajasthan of today). The story is from the point of view of a spectator who although involved still c...

  • That Indian Woman | √
    143K 8.1K 42

    Calcutta, India. 1899 Being a woman in this age means being tied under the shackles created by the British and an equally orthodox society. Headstrong and outgoing, Anvesha doesn't care what people think about her. She is not one of those women who stay in their homes and pop children for their husbands. She is deter...

  • The Gamer: Battle Of The Ten Kings
    435K 22.7K 61

    Imagine if your life turned into a game! You could see the power levels of people and your life became a series of quests. That is what happens to Ravi Sharma. His Superpower is called "The Gamer". Ravi is a King but he doesn't know it. There are 9 other people just like him that have their own superpowers. All of the...

  • Half A Moonstone
    39.8K 661 11

    NOW PUBLISHED!! An aura of power wrapped around the pair as their eyes met. Damayanthi Pratap Rathore, the only heir to the throne smiled as she greeted Rajveer Vikram Rana, the best swordsman of Mahendragiri and the Chief of Security. Both saw it at the exact same time. Half a moonstone, embedded on the hilt of ea...

  • ✔️Princess Ugly Duckling (Completed)
    571K 8.5K 32

    (Highest Ranking #1st in Historical Fiction on 9/04/18) "I challenge you Prince Aditya, though this wedding was without our consent, I would make sure that you would fall in love with me. You would crave to have me as your soulmate. I will make sure that I would win your heart and soul. Inspite of my average looks" Gr...