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  • Bloom
    133K 10.5K 81

    Haven Sparks, a chatty, outgoing young woman, who meets an introverted, pure and special guy. In which she made him bloom in every different aspect of life. • stand alone book, though, I recommend to read 'zephaniah // z.m' first to understand things better •

  • Zephaniah // z.m
    485K 20.9K 85

    After many failed attempts, Zayn, 26, gives a young woman the one last chance to be a good caregiver to his almost 8 years old son with special needs. • All rights reserved. Do not steal. || #1 in Zayn | #1 in zaynmalik | #1 in zquad || /// currently editing a bit ///

  • slow ride | STEVE HARRINGTON.
    879K 31K 48

    Ringo Wheeler had enough problems - she was named after a member of a band she doesn't even like, she can't find her favourite record in any store along the East Coast and she pissed her parents off enough to be shipped to Indiana. Now, she has a new set of problems - being the 'new kid', sharing a room with her cousi...

  • Fireheart | Raven Reyes
    85.3K 5.7K 24

    "You make yourself seem like an asshole to cover up all of that sadness inside of you, but I see right through you." Ares Ortega was framed for murder, locked up in jail to be floated on his eighteenth birthday, and is now on a dropship hurtling toward a radiation-soaked planet, so that's pretty much how life is going...

  • Havoc | Peter Parker ¹
    432K 17.9K 36

    ❝you may be the best web-slinger around, but you're terrible at keeping secrets.❞ in which even though peter has a new, high-tech suit, it doesn't stop a girl with common sense from discovering his identity. [ spider-man: homecoming - endgame extended summary inside ©stilestastic 2018 ]