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  • Cosy Christmas ✓
    200K 11K 17

    Connor Prentiss doesn't usually do Christmas, but this year he has no choice. #21 CL 06.12.16 → 25.12.16

  • 12 Days 'til Christmas ✓
    35.3K 3.6K 32

    Beth King is a Christmas fanatic and Java Tea's most frequent customer. Casper Boutayeb is a Christmas grinch and Java Tea's best employee - and Beth's favourite barista. When he suddenly needs somewhere to stay for the holidays, Beth is more than happy to take him in, on one condition: he has to embrace the festive s...

  • Sweetheart Single
    6.4K 357 14

    Elle is your typical college freshman. She spends her time being shy, drinking coffee, & immersing herself in schoolwork. Boys are the last thing on her mind. That's all about to change when her college throws a singles mixer on Valentine's Day. *short story* *23k words* *PG rated* #1 TheCupidAwards & first place Roma...

  • Keeping a Wren
    67 10 1

    My entry for the New adult section, Valentines day 2020 competition. The last thing Wren felt like doing was celebrating love on Valentine's Day. Her own attempt at love in the cyber world was a complete disaster, and ever since she had ended it with Jack, she had been a wallowing mess. So when her friends drag her to...

  • Snowflake Kiss
    924 355 26

    School is out for winter break and all Bristol Harper can think about is getting her first kiss. Being a seventeen year old Junior in high school is tough especially when you've never been on a date, or have never had a boyfriend. Feeling determined to have her first ever kiss, Bristol enlists the help of her best fri...

  • Christmas Kisses
    300 18 4

    A book that began as a fanfiction that evolved into something more. Something that might be worth reading. As Samantha and Justin fall in love, you will fall in love with their story. Cliche? Yes. Worth it? YES. Packed with light-hearted love and romance, this unforgettable book will have you laughing, crying, and eve...

  • The Christmas Jewel
    6K 721 10

    When Sutton gets dumped right before what was supposed to be a romantic Christmas weekend getaway in the mountains, she makes a Christmas vow: a man free Christmas. She's going to finish writing her Christmas novel in peace and have a nice time skiing and reading books by the fire. But the Christmas fates are against...

  • Snow Angel
    96.7K 2.2K 9

    Snowed in a mountain cabin over the holidays, Oliver and Charlotte act on longtime hidden feelings - but will their love last after the snow melts? ***** Charlotte and Oliver have known each other since they were kids. When she was five, she kissed...

    Completed   Mature