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  • (On Hold)Lost avatar (lotr/the last airbender crossover)
    25.4K 759 27

    Taking her last breath, her heart slowly stopping up. she had a legacy that would continue as avatar's, so she would die happy. Few hours later, Thorin couldn't believe his own eyes. Without a magic walking stick or anything, just some beautiful moves, a hobbit were manipulating the ground. Before suddenly changed her...

  • Of Love and Torture
    56.5K 2.4K 109

    This is an Angbang/Silmarillion fanfic written by me and the incredible @SweetieDoggie. In which an irritable Melkor, a disaster-prone Mairon and an unfortunate Maedhros all end up in the same fortress, so naturally chaos ensues.

  • I'm An Elfling Apparently
    8.7K 184 4

    So I'm an elfling now? I fell through a portal and ended up on Middle Earth. But some... changes happened.