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  • Silver the baby hedgehog...
    62 3 1

    Silver is turned into a baby, is kidnapped and given as a pet too Eggman's niece.

  • Teen Titans and Silver the Hedgehog (Cross-Over)
    16.3K 511 24

    Sonic doesn't get all the adventures! Silver accidentally goes through a dimension portal, sending him to Jump City. Not long after, Raven detects a Dimension hop. Silver finds trouble. Will he discover the real reason he was there? Will he ever get home? WHAT WILL HAPPEN?

  • Go Jetters ➼ OneShots
    4.9K 285 44

    ➼ OneShots about our favorite world-saving heroes, the Go Jetters! This book will contain the following Canon x Canon pairings: ➼ Xuli x Kyan ➼ Ubercorn x Glitch This book may contain: ➼ Blood // gore ➼ Dark // mature themes ➼ Curse words ➼ N.S.F.W // Lemon // Smut ➼ I will take requests, but only if i find your requ...

  • My Demon, My Angel (Angel Xuli x Demon Kyan)
    1K 51 18

    *i lied this is xyan not errorink* A demon prince kidnaps an angel princess. Then they fall in love. And Lars and Foz become hardcore shippers. I don't think Ubercorn is in this tho

  • Go jetter love
    1.1K 10 3

    Kyan starts to have feeling for Xuli but she isn't in for a relationship right now.Until Glitch threatens one of them making Xuli fall in love.When Glitch does something to Xuli the Go jetters try to save their friend before it's too late..

  • The new Go Jetter
    2.1K 93 13

    When someone new joins the team, he has his eyes set on Xuli. Kyan won't let this happen.. somehow..

  • Birthday Bunkum!
    1.5K 90 20

    It's Xuli's special day today! The boys and Ubercorn are plotting a surprise party for her, with help from Tim, Lily, Jack and Audrey. What could possibly go wrong? Umm...I should've said that... Special thanks to @124578e for this idea!

  • Go Jetters ➼ Junk
    22.5K 1K 175

    Junk about our favorite world-saving explorers, the Go Jetters!! Here, you can read all the latest news, funky facts, and a heap of my original Go Jetters Content! This Book Will Contain: ➼ Incorrect Quotes ➼ Headcanons ➼ Comics ➼ New Info ➼ Topics i wanna address This Book will contain content for the following ships...

  • My Art! ☆ [ COMPLETE ]
    26.3K 1.6K 203

    || DO NOT USE OR REPOST MY ART ! || It's an art book!! So, i draw alot and post that art in this book. I hope you all like my art. Please do not judge my art by the first few chapters!! I have improved a lot since then!! Requests are currently closed, sorry.

    Completed   Mature
  • G.O. Fangirl
    1.3K 54 15

    After escaping a sudden hurricane, the Go Jetters wake up to find themselves in a unfamiliar place. In the room are three girls, full of questions for them... It's time for G.O. Fangirl!

  • OctoTexting
    44.2K 1K 97

    Ever wonder what the Octonauts get up to in their free time? What games and random conversations go on behind the scenes? What's going on between the frequent missions? Conversations over text are the perfect way to find out! (The cover for this story was created by the amazing AdrianImpalaMata)