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  • Darling
    65.9K 1.7K 29

    COMPLETED. She is a girl who has been beaten and broken. She has had to fight to put herself back together. She has been betrayed and lied to. She has to become someone she never thought was inside her. The cold leader she never knew she was. She knows with her past she can't trust anyone. Her family are dangerous and...

  • Diamonds Dancing (18+)
    681K 38.3K 48

    A recently widowed music producer and father of two struggles to balance parenthood and work-life, and thus, he must go on the quest to find the perfect nanny. But when 'help' appears in the form of a young, timid woman, living a similar life to his last and mirroring his past trauma, a myriad of old unwanted memorie...

  • The CEO's Mistake (Editing)
    7.7M 168K 45

    "You can't take my baby away from me!" Skylar was hysterical, her voice cracking towards the end. "Then maybe you shouldn't have kept her away from me!" Felix screamed, throwing his half drained glass of alcohol at the wall. "She's all I've got dammit! Penelope is all I've got!!" "Then make a decision. It's him or m...

  • The Godfather {Being Edited}
    1.7M 86.5K 48

    "Ooo girl look, look, look." She tapped her shoulder repeatedly. Euphoria looked to the entrance instinctively only to see the man she had seen in the alley the first night she worked here. Her breath hitched as she watched them walk in. She never dared to tell a soul about what she'd seen that night. She wasn't look...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Angel✔
    987K 21.9K 22

    Angel and Devil. Drake Smith is one of the most powerful mafia boss. He was left alone with his younger sister after their parents died in a plane crash. He is protective over his sister, but what's going to happen when he bumps into a small fragile girl that is also his sister's friend? Angelica Johnson is a sophmor...

  • Cooking for my Ex-Boss
    379K 13.3K 43

    When Audrey, the smart, beautiful and kind-hearted woman decided to quit her job to pursue her dream as a chef, she did not expect to meet her ex-boss again, Ethan Loyd. He is still the arrogant, rude and annoying yet handsome man as always. The twist of events forced to unite the two incompatible souls, what will res...

  • S O M E T H I N G B E A U T I F U L
    430K 11.6K 51

    Adonis Hamilton is a twenty eight year old billionaire, who is very well known for his looks, he had been voted youngest, hottest and most successful billionaire in the world. He is known for being emotionless, a quality he had to pick up early because he started working as the CEO at their family empire Hamilton Empi...

  • Storm
    951K 36.3K 33

    Mira Owens had a perfect life: loving parents, her dream job and a handsome fiance, who was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage, she really liked him. After spending a passionate night with his fiance on his birthday, she felt so happy, but her world turn...

  • Alpha Adrianno
    417K 12.4K 19

    "Mine," he growled lowly, trailing small kisses down the side of my neck. "N-no," I whimpered, struggling in his strong embrace. "I don't care what you say baby girl," he growled slamming me up against his office door, "Because you're mine. My mate. Forever and always. Mine." ...

  • My Childhood Friend, The Hockey Star (Book 1)
    4.3M 111K 46

    "Who's the hot girl?" Nash asked Josh before he fully looked at me and I winced. He didn't even recognize me? And he thought I was hot. Was that a good thing or bad thing? Once his eyes locked on mine it only took a second before they went wide and his face dropped as he made the connection. "Hey Nash" I offered with...

  • Koroleva - Book II
    8.8K 396 9

    Kailee Ivanov suffered for years at the hands of her husband, Anton Ivanov, head of the Bratva. That all ended the day she took her life back by killing her husband and becoming the new head of the Bratva. However, the mafia families loathe the idea of a woman in charge. She needs to gain their utter most respect. W...

  • The Taming
    2.5M 50.4K 18

    2012 All Rights Reserved The Taming [Book 1] "I've been more than fair with you, Cassandra. I've given you time and more than enough space..." he paused, releasing a large breath, his heat radiating over my...

  • Hunter Maximus
    421K 17K 57

    Isobel is a bridal dressmaker and high school drop out with the genes of a vampire hunter. What will happen when the resident Hunter of the Vampire Palace comes to kidnap her? Maximus is notorious for his kill count of vampire hunters. Will Isobel become another number on his list or will she become his slave? Abduct...

  • Beastly
    5.8M 202K 59

    "What's your name." He whispers causing her to shiver. "Trinity." She mumbles afraid of what's to become. "Well Trinity, here's the deal. Either you come with me and keep my wolf happy, or I will declare war between my pack, BloodMoon, and your pack. I'm sure we know who will win." He smirks at her wide eyes. "Your fr...

  • Mine Forever
    609K 16.7K 40

    Leonardo Di Silva an arrogant and powerful Italian born American businessman. His whole concept about women is that they are all after his money and fame. In short golddiggers. But his concept takes a 360° turn when he meets beautiful Sarah. Sarah Jones a sweet and beautiful girl with a kind heart. She is a final yea...

  • My Mate Cheated On Me (Rewriting)
    1.9M 33.5K 42

    Lana Black had been waiting to find her mate for a long time, finally at the age of 18 she found him..... Trenton Sanders. If her life wasn't filled with drama before it is definitely a roller-coaster now. The day Lana mates with Trent she finds him mating with another girl a few hours later. Will Lana ever learn to...

  • Deal With The Devil ✓
    7.7M 237K 141

    Fawn Thorne is a newly eighteen years girl from a wealthy family, her life is nothing but a fairytale dream come true. She has her Prince Charming, friends that she can count on and little siblings she adores. She has everything a princess could want. That is until her father's old gambling habits take over and the fa...

  • Arranged ✔️
    94.7K 2.3K 38

    Editing and reviewing the book A arranged marriage to triple an empire. What will happen when 18 year old sky finds out she is set to marry Christian waters he's a bad boy sleeps around and she's the perfect daughter they both come from very wealthy family's. The agreement comes to life as its sky's 18th she's lega...

  • Loki and Thor sisters(fanfic)*completed*
    46.9K 512 30

    Hey, this is the author please read my story. This is about Loki's sister and Thor's sister.

  • a lιgнт ιn тнe darĸ ➳ avengers age of ultron ✓ [1]
    243K 7K 18

    ᗩᐯᗴᑎǤᗴᖇᔕ: ᗩǤᗴ ᗝᖴ ᑌᒪ丅ᖇᗝᑎ when the avengers conquer the hydra base, find the sceptre, manage to gain a child, and also create a murder bot... is it possible for it to get worse? probably. is it going to? probably. but hey, who doesn't love fighting a murder-bot? #1 in experiment (30.11.19) COVER BY @-JUBILEELlNE [uned...

  • The Stranger is an Alpha and also my Mate
    172K 5.5K 40

    A girl named Alisha Jane Primrose went to her favorite small café after bonding with her high school friends. Once she entered she accidentally bump into a guy. But he's no ordinary guy. He's an Alpha and he's her mate. But there is more to the beautiful girl named Alisha, her deep dark secrets along with her...

  • The Beast's Love
    511K 15.4K 20

    He always gets what he wants. He always wins. He is feared by all. In his world, he is known as 'The Beast.' And now he wants his Beauty. 21-year-old Chloe Richardson lives with her father and works at her small cake shop. She has a routined life but she is content with it. But her whole world gets turned u...

  • Pastors Babygirl (Completed)
    140K 5.8K 27

    Atarah Adriel Samia Salem, she grew up in church having to be perfect and holy her whole life that is till she meets Lorenzo, will she accept her fate to be a Perfect example for her church, or live for herself.. Lorenzo King, Runs the biggest mafia in the world, 👹I Diavoli👹 heartless and most definitely Ruthless...

  • Baby Fever
    132K 6.4K 21

    Highest ranking #142 in Billionaire #1 in identical #1 in Baby fever #1 in stuckup "So I fucked you and you got pregnant and you didn't have the decency to tell me?" He yelled at me, holding my wrist in a tight grip. "You didn't fuck me you fucking fuck face! I was inseminated with your nasty ass sperm, I don't kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • (Don't) Take Me Over
    95.7K 2.3K 22

    James is an alpha of Claire de lune, one of the strongest packs in the world, and he has been so since nineteen. Isabella is an orphaned rogue with a little sister and another rogue, who she has known for the greater part of her life, is willing to marry her. But what is love to the bond of a mate? This is a story of...

  • The Beast and His Mate
    242K 6.3K 14

    What was I doing? This was not me? He pushed me up higher against the tree. My legs were forced to wrap around his hips to provide stability. I could feel his rough hand on the back of my thighs rubbing in small circles. It felt so damn good. His warm, moist lips were sucking, nibbling, kissing my neck relentles...

  • 𝖬𝖤𝖫𝖵𝖡𝖱𝖮𝖪𝖤 𝖱𝖮𝖠𝖣. | Original Story
    136K 6.7K 34

    Sonya Marie is a Twenty-one year old woman who works as a bartender at 'The Drunken Paradise.' She wasn't the one to get involved with the people that drank, she served until she knew they reached their limit and call a cab or friend so they could get home. It was almost a daily routine until she see's him sulking and...

  • The High School Experience (BWWM)
    89.5K 3.9K 32

    I walked to where Autumn was sitting and sat next to her. "Thanks by the way for what you did on Friday," Autumn whispered to me. "No problem, you're worth protecting. Nobody should treat a girl like that," I said. She looked surprised at what I said. It was clear that no guy had treated Autumn right. I vowed to be th...

  • Let's
    76.2K 4K 74

    The next time a guy toys with your best friend, don't do what we did. Death was our fear, but their answer. °°° - started: March 2019 - completed: July 2020 Credit: Aquella King