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  • Black and White
    585 69 17

    Amaya is the daughter of a single mother with a secret, but she leads a normal life. That is, a normal life until she is forced to live in a magical world. A magical world where she is forced to kill or be killed. Then, when she finally thinks she is safe, a strange power is forced upon her. As she gets entangled in t...

  • Key of Faeries [1]|✔️
    3.1K 228 37

    "On a midsummers eve Come dance with the fae; Dance till dawn at break of day, Eat of the food; forever you'll stay, Trapped in the rings of dancing fae." Stories are truths twisted into lies. Faeries are always little, cute and bubbly folk, with delicate wings, colourful hair and quaint magic. Wrong. The world of t...

  • Blood Betrayal
    808 101 24

    Can anything truly immortal stay sane? The first immortals must try to live with and control the empire they created. Responsible for unleashing bloodthirsty creatures on the world of man the King and Queen must regulate the six races of vampire they created. Unfortunately for them, the Fae want something else. Thru...