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    ❛ THIS WAS THE KIND OF GIRL THAT COULD HANDLE IT ALL - AND WOULD ❜ in which i - a fellow kotlc fan - help you endure the wait until keeper 9. even if we don't know the official title, yet ;). ( WARNING: LEGACY SPOILERS INSIDE ! ) ( ©2019 theunmappedstar on wattpad. all rights reserved )

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    Mine among a basquillion others. Yee.

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    The whole gang is here! Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Tam, Linh and Dex!!! Plus, some bonus characters like Stina, Marella, and Wylie!!! In this book, we will be looking at every ship possible, no matter how ridiculous it is. Some of the ships included will be Bam/Tiana, Sokeefe, Fitzphie and so much more!!!

  • My Rant, Fanart, and Memes book
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    I really need somewhere to rant where someone will actually care, cause when I rant at my parents they think I take my book series too seriously.

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    The Keeper crew will now react to really random things- like pencils.

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    This is gonna get weird.......