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  • Diabolik Lover: Yui the Badass (COMPLETE)
    25.3K 560 45

    It's ya girl Yui!! For some reason I'm in some deep vampire shit okay!! Basically Vampires want my blood and some of them are cool... some of em... welll.... some pretty creepy stuff!! Anyways I wonder if I'll actually make it alive!! Since the whole Vampire ruling thing!! And Memories Vampires have, mind control!! Bu...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Gency Story (COMPLETED)
    144K 2.7K 100

    When Genji looses everything he has to learn how to get it back with a little luck from an angel.

  • I will always (Love) HATE you *A Qrowin Story* (Complete)
    46.7K 1K 41

    Winter hates Qrow, the way he drinks, the way he acts, the way he does everything disgusts her.... Qrow loves Winter , the way she fights, the way she acts, the way she does everything makes him smile....

  • K-project ships
    21.5K 450 11

    A book where I write about my favorite ships!!

  • A hero's history (Complete)
    15.8K 509 18

    Aizawa tells Class 1-A, about his experience in UA.