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  • Raven Feathers
    2.3K 107 8

    One night, Adele was forced by a group of bullies to partake in summoning a demon, and all she was left with from that night were her memories and small black feathers. Several years pass mostly peacefully save the few bumps in the night, but after a sudden move to the middle of no where, the bumps in the night turn i...

  • Acceptance (BoyXBoy)
    213K 3.9K 25

    Arrow has always had trouble understanding his sexuality. Whenever his best friend Paul talks about girls he finds himself wanting to agree but deep inside feels like he doesn’t feel that at all. Arrow is confused and doesn’t complete understand his own feelings and doesn’t plan to tell anyone but that is all about to...

  • Of All Things Holy
    113 19 1

    The Church, a powerful dictatorship, a group of religious fanatics using Jesus Christ as an excuse for evil. The Revolt, the fighting force, a small group of revolutionists using words, the sword, magic and hope to fight back. Aideen is a powerful magic wielder and a devoted Christain, only she's a little different f...

  • Alisa's Death
    679 16 7

    Azul has lived with the secret for nearly a year now. She knows who killed her friend but she has kept it under lock. Now she sees Alisa following her, but it can't be real can it? It's just hallucinations, just mind tricks, right? That is until Alisa starts to make her move on letting the secret out. Author's Note: T...

  • See if I Care (boyxboy)
    1.6K 59 7

    A young boy who likes to experiment. Keith on is a very deep closeted gay. He is always finding some bad quality in himself, and wanting to be anyone else. So when he first met Kane, he knew he would become in love only becasue Kane likes to be wired, and be called immature because he thinks if he can accept i he is a...

  • The Quarterback's Gigolo [boyxboy]
    1.3M 30.5K 36

    Jack Nickels is 17 and a senior in high school, he has the looks, the popularity, the girls begging to be his, money, a stable family unit and he was quarterback on the school team. But one night his sister brings home her boyfriend to meet the family and everything changes. Quiet Reed Sparrow never really had any fri...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cinderella Man [boyxboy love story]
    170K 6.8K 30

    This tale begins in a far, far away land called New York City where a boy named John Fierce lives. This sounds familiar? Right, but this is not your typical fairy tale, take my word. John Fierce is a bisexual flirt who takes advantages of his good-looks. Of course, that morning when it happened, he would have laughed...

  • Torture Me. [ON HOLD]
    35.7K 616 6

    [ManxMan] Daniel Hyde is a normal guy, he's straight, sassy and really fun to be around, but when he suddenly bumps into a strange mysterious guy on his way out of a coffee shop, you can bet that he's into a roller-coaster of surprises! It's not enough that he gets kidnapped, but for it to be destiny's act of faith...

  • I Ran Away to Vegas and Got Kidnapped... [Boy/Boy] - 2011
    97.3K 1.7K 21

    The title is self-explanatory. :)

  • Finding Mr. Perfect's Flaws (boyxboy) *EDITING*
    790K 18K 25

    Hey, I'm Zachary. This story may not have a plot or any real reason for being up on this strange website, but it's my story. Me, with all my problems. I tried pretending to be straight, but I couldn't. Many people came into my life - Collin, the perfect quarterback who may or may not be gay and who I am obsessed with...

  • Let It Rain Love {BoyxBoy}
    105K 3K 17

    Rain isn't that bad. It's what brought Eric Micheal Days, and Chase Jared together. But both the boys aren't even gay. . .or so they thought. The love for one another grows stronger, until one confesses their love. At the wrong time. Will they be torn apart or actually have a chance at love? Or will it just be another...

  • One of the Boys
    29.1M 464K 60

    Samantha Evans. A 17-year old girl in her Senior Year of High School. Stereotype says that she should be worrying about what outfit she's going to wear and what boy she's going to date, but Samantha has a different plan. For Samantha, her Senior Year is all about proving that she deserves to be the Quarterback for Wes...

  • S.2 My Moviestar Prince [for revision]
    15.1K 137 20

    [love & friendship] will you remain as an audience or a fan? a friend or a lover? her situation is still in between and their relationship? still unlabeled.

  • Life's A Drag
    1.4K 84 5

    "His face broke out into a huge grin as the car erupted in hoots and laughter. We opened the windows and blasted up loud rock music and just yelled at the top of our lungs, sticking our heads out the window. I don’t remember much after that, but I remember thinking, what a fucking waste of good quality weed. But screw...

  • Hardest Heart to Shatter
    5K 353 20

    Kara lives in Utopia, an alternate universe where her sole purpose is to do the dirty work of others. Grown up in an orphanage, Kara is now a Royal Assassin. She lives in luxury despite the risks she takes every day. But Kara knows nothing of her past before age 12, when she was taken from the orphanage and began...

  • Bound By Revenge--(On Hold)
    469 20 3

    Annabelle Peterson is a 16 year old girl living her life as any regular teen with her father, Mark Peterson. They have a very strong bond together. They do everything together and both trust each other, but Mark left out one of his deepest and darkest secret. But little did he know that this secret will bring danger t...

  • 千年持続する愛 (A Love to Last a Thousand Years) [rewrite]
    6.2K 340 14

    Takemoto, a 30-something college professor believes in the after life. He believes that he is once known as Hideo Takashi, a soldier in World War 2 who promised a young girl named Yuiko his return. While he survies the siege in Okinawa, Yuiko perishes in Hiroshima with only a metal box full of her letters as a reminde...

  • Young, Wild and Pregnant?
    343K 5.8K 35

    Carson origanlly known as Alexiah has never thought she would end up pregnant of all things she has ever done in her life. She thought being pregnant was the worst possible thing that could happen at this point in her life. Wrong! Throw in a criminal father, determined baby daddy, and a crazy ex girlfriend. Life isn...

  • Fire in the Blood
    747 49 7

    There is a fire in your blood, my dear,—not even a thousand kisses deep could extinguish. One caress of golden flames will scorched the prints of many a frostbitten future.

  • Alex Hawk: A Rose Dipped in Blood
    16.8K 705 18

    NYPD Detective Alex Hawk is one of the best. He solves murders, kidnapping just simple mysteries that no one else can. His skills are challenged and put to the test against a cunning and slippery serial killer when a series of dead bodies are found with all the same kill sign. A rose left on the corpse, drenched in th...

  • Coward: A Love Story
    2.9K 127 4

    She lay limp in the middle of the empty street, her storm eyes barely glancing in my direction. I found my voice in the far off spaces of my unbeating heart, thump thump, thump thumping-in my vice throat, saying, “What are you doing? That’s dangerous!” Even though it was evident that no one ever drove down this dirt p...