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  • The Young Wolf • {Robb Stark} {Completed}
    205K 5.1K 17

    Imagine that the misfortune and misery of the Stark family hasn't happened yet. They live peacefully in Winterfell, Eddard keeping an eye on the North for the King. Only, this time, imagine a girl running from her past finds herself in Winterfell on accident. She's confronted from every angle by the Starks, but she...

  • STRANGER | Jon Snow
    1.7M 67.5K 83

    ❝ The Gods gave me a rare woman and I loved her well. ❞ THE RARE WOMEN SERIES - NOVEL #1 GAME OF THRONES - SEASON 5, 6, & 7 © stxrmborn COMPLETED Wattpad Featured Story Awarded as Best Jon Snow Fanfic 4X Awarded as Best GOT Female OC 2X Awarded as Best GOT Fanfic Ship 2X A...

  • The Young Wolf
    1.3K 26 1

    This is a small fic about Robb Stark, set around a thousand years ahead of where George R.R. Martin has set his stories. It does contain spoilers, so only read this if you have read past the RW, which is in Part 1 of Storm of Swords. Of course, if you don't mind spoilers, go ahead! I'm not a good writer, I just had a...

  • Beauty and the Beast » Game of Thrones
    701K 15.8K 44

    Lady Adelaine of House Braxton arrives in King's Landing soon after members of House Tyrell. There she is promised to wed the King of the Seven Kingdoms, who is commonly known as an absolute nightmare. Will she survive the game of thrones? - Completed on December 18, 2014 at 4:13 AM -

  • Love is a Battlefield (a Game of Thrones fanfic)
    2.5K 88 6

    Sansa Stark is livin' large on Internet notoriety. She has just finished her masterwork, Love is a Battlefield, and it is probably the most popular fic of any bandom, like, ever. Two sick little brothers and an invitation to be her father's date to an exhibit opening while her mother stays at home with them could very...

  • Love and Control - A Game of Thrones Fan Fiction
    405K 7.8K 23

    "You are my special lady, Arienne, and I will love from this day, until my last day." Fire has to power to heal, or to burn. And Arienne has just walked into the largest fire of all. King's Landing is a mysterious place where the foundations are secrets, built with lies, and decorated with rumours. But Arienne...

  • Winter Is Here - A Song of Ice and Fire tribute
    3K 89 1

    A poem written in tribute to A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I wrote it in my obsession, and especially since I couldn't wait till April when the newest season will be released, and since I have to finish the books. Please share if you're a fan and if you like!

  • Final Reign: A Game of Thrones Story
    3.4K 45 1

    The Song of Ice and Fire has reached its final refrain. Daenerys Targaryen reigns over Westeros from the Iron Throne, but not all is calm yet. Her greatest foe is at her gates, and she must do all she can to ward them off. | cover by @seanarturo |

  • The Harsh Reality of Winter: A Game of Thrones Story (Watty Awards 2012)
    8.7K 132 2

    In the world of Westeros, too many things happen at once. A tear, a scream, a gasp, a war. These little moments may feel insignificant to the inhabitants, but to the Gods these moments are very real. This riveting and well-written fan series chronicles the little moments that lead up to big conflicts in the Seven King...

  • The King who Lost the North
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  • Khaleesi
    1.9K 41 1

  • Winter is Coming
    803 12 1

  • Robb Stark - The North Divide
    1.9K 29 1

    Robb Stark, the newly-anointed King of the North, faces up to the reality of his situation...