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  • Yonder: Volume 1
    745 57 17

    When a young woman gives her life to save an innocent child from a car crash, she doesn't know what she's in for when a mysterious figure stops her from moving on. Instead, he offers her a second chance at life or death. But does she get a chance to choose? As a Yonderian fighter, she is fated for huge success. Howev...

  • Dancing With The Devil
    50 2 1

    Based on an old fairytale, Dancing With The Devil is about a young woman with the passion for dancing. Her whole life evolves around dance. But one day, her dance gear is stollen and she is given a pair of dancing shoes thats owner disappeared. What happens when she relies on these shoes? And will she ever get away fr...

  • BOLAN!
    186 3 3

    The first poem (‘Part 1’) was inspired by the idea of Marc undertaking the creative process of crafting one of his early psychedelic-folk compositions with ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ – the style of which was about to experience a radical change in movement. The text represents a whimsical free-flowing style in lighter contra...

    Completed   Mature
  • Because of Beckett, A Torey Hope Novel Book 2
    104 1 3

    You met Audrey Decker through Nate and Libby’s story in For Nicky, A Torey Hope Novel Book 1. This is Audrey’s story. It is highly suggested that you read For Nicky before reading Because of Beckett so that you can be emotionally vested in Audrey’s story. Audrey Decker is a mean girl, a bitch, a bully. She has no plan...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brownie Points
    734 5 5

    Brownie Points "A Man's Guide to a Happy Life" "If you are going to read just ONE book...then this should be THAT book" Brownie Points is a tongue in cheek book about collecting imaginary points from your spouse or significant others. It explores and dissects the different strategies of obtaining said points to be abl...

  • Caly's Piece
    85 2 18

    When graffiti artist Caly Monroe's mom saves her from an overnight stay in the town jail, she expects the usual verbal lashing and an endless, boring summer spent entirely in her bedroom. Unfortunately, her mom chooses a more depressing option, banishing her to a run-down, low-tech beach she hasn't been to in years w...