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  • I'll Love You Forever
    42K 699 15

  • the nanny || jortini
    459K 15.5K 25

    Jorge Blanco is a single father of three and owner of Blanco Records. He hires a nanny: Tini. © 2015 allyouneedistinix

  • Love Hurts
    19.2K 856 27

    Martina Stoessel: Rich very smart girl who moves a lot around the world becouse od her father's job. Jorge Blanco: Rich spoiled kid who is very popular in school and always get what he wants Mercedes Lambre: Martina's best friend, Ruggero's girlfriend who has a lot of influence on Jorge Ruggero Pasquarelli: Jorge's b...

  • Violetta imagines
    28.6K 652 29

  • The End《Jortini》
    29K 1.6K 45

    Sometimes you think that it's the end while it's just the beginning. × Martina Stoessel × Jorge Blanco