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  • Knight | Celeste Academy Series BK #1
    8.5M 400K 62

    Life for Valeriana Kerrigan has recently taken bad turns; her father dies, her best friend leaves and her mother is fighting to keep their life together. But in spite of all the imperfections, there are upsides. She gets accepted into the university of her first choice and is walking down a path of her dreams. Until...

  • The Midnight Theory
    665 73 11

    "At midnight, everything is funnier."

  • Troublemaker
    33.4M 949K 39

    [BOOK ONE] ❝People die, but words live on forever.❞ →When Winnie Indigo discovers that Brody Casen, has dropped a black book she picks it up and when she realizes that it is Brody's diary, she can't help but feel powerful. She can single handed take down, one of Westview high's most popular boys, but with her first...

  • Cupcake Kisses
    13.5M 396K 23

    They were never supposed to fall in love. In fact, they were probably never even supposed to meet. But life does that sometimes; it brings you someone who unexpectedly turns your world upside down. For Ella, it all began on the last day of summer, in a small bakery on the edge of town. With three teenage boys, a plas...

  • Jokes lol
    2K 144 41

    read for funny jokes some are not mine but most are. From now on plz vote I will post a new joke for every 15 votes

  • Rooming with the Bad Boy
    12.3M 302K 26

    Being accepted into one of the best private colleges in the United States on a full scholarship was supposed to be one of the best things that's ever happened to a person, right? Wrong. Ella Parker. One of the most successful law students in the world, has been offered this opportunity. With no family, barely any inc...

  • Elements and Light
    74 1 4

    "Long time ago when Earth was still young, there was nothing but dirt and dust. Until from the dirt and dust brought four figures standing at nothing less. Those four figures became the Creators of Life and brought the planet to a beautiful, lifeful place for anything living to live on. Each of the Creators have a spe...

  • Loving Bad - Loving Bad #1 (Sample of Published Book)
    25.6M 626K 64

    The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor Price than the fact she has always followed the rules and done what she was told? Their pasts haunt them. Sin is trying to break free from his dark past while Ta...