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  • Universe {Scorbus}
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    This it the 2nd Prequel requel to my story, "The One Where They're All Gay." It can be read on it's own but I definitely recommend reading the original story and the 1st Prequel which is titled "Red [Jeddy]" This is the story of how Scorbus got together.

  • Red [Jeddy]
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    First Prequel to "The One Where They're All Gay"

  • The One Where They're All Gay {Complete}
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    !!!!PRETTY MUCH SATIRE!!!!(Wrote in 7th grade) What happens when the children of the golden trio decide to use a group chat with their parents to come out of the closet. What will they think of Albus dating a Malfoy. What will they do when they find out the person James is dating. Is there someone even more forbidden...