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  • A Luna's Soulmate
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    Luna Sophia Swan is the older sister of Bella Swan and she's different. She can read minds and move objects using her telekinesis abilities. She arrives to Forks after finishing school in New York, months before Isabella arrives there from Pheonix. All rights belong to Stephanie Meyer for the twilight plot. I own my...

  • mine ➳ caius volturi ღ
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    "She is mine, you would dare keep her from me?" {Evelyn Swan} {The Twilight Saga} {STANDALONE} {COMPLETED} {started: december 12th 2017 ~ 02:05am} {completed: may 30th 2020 ~ 10:39am } {edited: } Rankings! #13 in Caius #16 in Cullens #60 in Twilight © 2020 // @BabblingWriter// All Rights Reserved ©

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  • His dark angel
    231K 4.8K 33

    You all know bella swan right?obviously!well I'll introduce you to her half sister.she was born before bella in a previous relationship of Charlie's.however her mother moves to italy with her after Charlie leaves and starts seeing renee. What part of Italy you ask? Volterra! Bella knows of this sister and they do not...

  • Fierce ➰Caius Volturi➰
    132K 3.1K 11

    Bellas' sister, Lola, ran off. That's why no one knew her. Her family disowned her once they knew what she was. She wasn't treated too well by her family when she was a part of their lives, Phil being the worst. She hasn't had the easiest life. What happens when Bella calls, telling her that she has information? But a...

  • Ruin My Life ↡ Caius Volturi
    64.2K 1.9K 12

    I miss you pushing me close to the edge I miss you I wish I knew what I had when I left I miss you You set fire to my world, couldn't handle the heat Now I'm sleeping alone and I'm starting to freeze Baby, come bring me help Let it rain over me Baby, come back to me I want you to ruin my life In which Alice brings a p...

  • The Romance Between Caius Volturi and Clary Cullen (On Hold)
    114K 1.6K 9

    When the Cullen coven visits the Volturi, they have a new member, Clary Fray now adopted by the Cullen's after over ten thousand years of being a nomad who has always had the same diet as the Cullens. What'll happen when she runs into her old friends and, finds her mate who are both in the Volturi. PS: The cast is aft...

  • Caius Volturi × Katherine Swan
    164K 2K 18

    The older sister of Bella Swan finally comes home, so find her sister a mess and nothing like it was before. She finds her mates and runs back to the place she calls home. Who are her mates? Where is home? What will Katherine Swan do with three mates?

  • ✔️|Volturi (The Three Kings L.S) (COMPLETED)
    1.1M 30.9K 140

    Who would ever have guessed that the sister of Isabella Swan would be the future vampire Queen? Many surely did not, so what happens when she is not mated to one but all three of the Volturi kings? What challenges shall she face? Find out in 'Volturi'. (Disclaimer: All recognized characters and plot sequences belong t...

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  • Best of three
    370K 10.8K 38

    Cordelia Swan, the younger sister of the infamous Bella Swan has lived her life in the shadow of her older sibling. When Bella's wedding day rolls around Cory is captured in more ways than one by three suitors all the way from Italy.

  • The Queen [Twilight]
    275K 7.5K 18

    "No. What I'm going to do is sit right here," She sat down on the center throne and smirked at her dear sister, "and enjoy the show." - They say that heartbreak can change a person. That was especially true for Amelia Swan. Amelia was kind to everyone, always saying there wasn't enough room in her heart to hate. B...

  • [ON HOLD] IL MIO TESORO • C.Volturi
    348K 7.1K 33

    "What you gonna do, kitty cat, scratch me?" "No, I'm going to claw your eyes out." In which Bella's cousin comes to her aid, when her boyfriend turns suicidal, and is in need of rescuing. Finding herself stuck in Italy, of all places, with an armada of vampires, she has to deal with quite a few unusual situations, inc...