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  • A Town Called Friendship
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    "We figured. That's why we want to offer you something." British boy said. "You can call it a proposition." Boy number 5 piped in. "Or you can call it an offer of a lifetime." Boy number 4 chimed in, earning an eye roll from me. "So exactly what are you saying?" I asked hesitantly. "Let's take you to the fun side of t...

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    ˜"*°•.˜"*°• "NOT GIVING UP ON FOREVER" is now available on Amazon in paperback! All the links you can find in my BIO! •°*"˜.•°*"˜ Be a part of the nerve-wracking set of events and dive into unbelievable relationships of Anna, a smart and independent young lady, who tries to understand, who among three men in her life...

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  • Silent City
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    FATE After a mysterious event that caused a dramatic decrease in the population, a man finds himself struggling to survive the horrors of a damaged world with the goal of finding the love of his life. [The story will be affected by YOUR CHOICES. At the end of each chapter, multiple choices will be given. Depending on...

  • Don't Be Me!
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    "What do you mean? Your life is perfect! With your personal chauffeur" With a perplexed expression, he ran his hands through his black curls. Something he did so often I grew to love "You don't want to be me. I don't even want to be me" "Me neither" And then we smiled at each other, in perfect silence. ________ Evely...

  • Half A Wattpad Page
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    Ideas light you up in the most unexpected of times. Maybe when you're in the shower, or in the middle of a lecture. Maybe while taking out the trash, or watering your plants. Maybe an idea plants itself in the recess of your mind just as you drift to sleep. And you scribble it down for the fear of losing it. At lea...

  • Musings
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    These are the 2 A.M. words strung together by an overburdened brain and a hopeless heart. It was meant to be reassuring (in some ways) , to calm the bathetic mind. But it has also been plagued by the otherworldly thoughts. Which, of course, may not be reassuring at all. Cover by the amazing @Thatlunapotato Second Plac...

  • Awaken
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    She woke up two years late.......

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    |HIGHEST RATINGS: #1 COMMUNITY, #1 WRITING , #1 READERS, #1 CRITIQUE , #2 TIPS, #2 IDEAS, #1 REVIEWS DATE : 17-11-19| #1 GRAMMAR |08-12-19| #1 BOOKCLUB |29-12-19| #1 IDEAS |22-03-20| Hey! Welcome to the Bubblegum Bookclub! •••• If you're interested in joining a book club and community interested in helping a...